R2R with built in preamp/remote

Been realizing my detached home office is where I do most of my listening these days as family has taken over my dedicated listening room. Need to replace my OPPO 105 been using as a DAC to an R2R DAC with built in preamp and remote. Will need balanced XLR right/left output to connect to my powered speakers. Using dedicated computer as Roon core connected via USB to OPPO. Don’t want a standalone external preamp - any good R2R DAC with preamp/remote and XLR right/left output? Budget $1500. Thanks. 
Don’t know about new dacs, but this great R2R classic Wadia 25 has the goods 4 x PCM1702k’s, and also let you set internally the highest output level needed for your system, so your near top of it’s volume, so there no chance of "bit stripping" by going down too low in level. https://ibb.co/vPN7mj0

Couple in Canada and couple in the USA

Cheers George