R2R NOS PCM vrs analog playback

I have had several DACs in my setup.  The only DAC that has come close to the analog I remember is the Red Wine Isabellina.  The tone, texture and sound staging are quite remarkable when compared to other DACs I have used, some costing 2 to 3 times more then the Isabellina.  The essential element that I find missing is the ambient decay that resonates in a totally black background.  I would appreciate anyone's impressions of the newer NOS designs from Schitt or Metrum. Specifically, do they voice the intimate kind of bloom that surrounds instruments and vocals in a way that approaches analog.  As a point of reference, I am also familiar with designs by Berkeley and Lampizator. Any comparison to the three DACs would be appreciated.
The Schiit Gungnir following the Multibit upgrade provides sound (from ripped CDs or Tidal) that, to my ear and in my system, is closer to vinyl playback (Grado Black w/8MZ stylus, Heed Quasar Phono pre, KAB mod’d. Technics SL1210M5G) than in stock form.  I was not expecting this.  The Multibit upgrade seems to me to have dramatically altered the Gungnir’s performance and for the better. The improvement is a step-change rather than simple refinement or "extension" of the Gungnir’s stock sonic signature.
Nothing beats an r to r ladder dac.  My Esoteric player has a pair of  the Burr Brown pcm1704 r to r ladder dac and the sound is so analog like and smooth.  This player is a keeper for me.  Most single bit dacs sound quite forward to me  (ESS comes to mind)
As far as I know Esoteric is now AK4495S or similar in all models, so they have abandoned R-2R and gone 35 bit oversampling route.