R to r dacs

I was completely taken by the sq of the Aqua hi fi la scala dac during a demo.  Even with a discount the price is out of budget and would have to add a streamer as well
I have been following multiple impressions of direct to consumer units such as Denefrips pontus, audio gd 7 and Holo May.  Anyone with experience with the Aqua hi fi and the subsequent dacs?

Soekris 2541
these have been sold out at mod house audio USA for about a year now, without update or info on future stocking.

Covid stopped me from exporting, last one I sent took 3mts to get there.
Maybe you can special order direct, or try ringing Modhouse

Cheers George
Thanks for the support, guys!
Getting the DENAFRIPS Pontus II DAC shipped real soon... :)

Many thanks.

Alvin @ Vinshine Audio
Alvin, I just ordered a Denafrips Pontus II about an hour ago and am really looking forward to receiving it. How soon do you think you will have them ready to ship?

Holo May would be another to consider.  And maybe a little too pedestrian for you @ $2500, but I love my Audio Mirror T3-SE.  Used Mojo Audio or the SW1X DAC III are also really well reviewed.
I think the Rockna Wavelight is also a R2R DAC. Did you consider that?