R the new conditioners that regenerate the future?

Are these the power conditioners of the future? As I understand they create the ac swing from scratch, so that the outlets output does not make a difference, right?
I beleive ps audio has come up with these, there may be other companies as well. Anyone can comment on which power conditioners if not these will most likely provide benefits without drawbacks.
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Oh, and I suppose you're going to tell me you can regenerate the past?
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Regeneration has be around for sometime think Accuphase.
If I remember correctly ML actually regenerate power in their bigger power amps.

All PS Audio has done is to fix the problems their previous Power Plants had. There are other players out there (ExactPower, PurePower) and the jury is still out on whether regeneration (total or partial) is the best way forward. Shunyata still believes passive is best and surprise surprise PS Audio also has similar products working much like the lower end Hydras as well as products for balanced power. Do take note that regeneration has limits when it comes to big power amps.

In the end it all depends on what works best for your own system given your power problems or lack of.
I need to experiment with more power conditioning units, but so far my experiences have all been negative. Every unit that I have tried has reduced the dynamics and detail in my system noticeably.
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Power regenerators work great, especially if you don’t have dedicated power lines. Don’t let anyone steer you clear from them. Give one a try and see how it sounds in your system. Most people waste power by leaving their equipment on all the time anyway. I don’t think there is anything green about audio components. Especially the class A variety... ;-)
I believe ps audio has come up with these, there may be other companies as well.
Not sure how long PS Audio has been in the Regeneration business. One thing I would look for if you are interested in a regenerator, make sure the equipment has safe guards to shut its self down To protect your audio equipment.
Will it shut itself down for,
* output over voltage (what %)
* output under voltage (what%)
* frequency shift, changes either way + or - from 60 hertz (max/min)
* true sine wave, not squared off caused from excessive connected load/s.
PS audio P1000 problem

A "True" high quality UPS will do this. A "True UPS" will cost you more to buy, but what is your audio equipment worth to you.....
Jea48, The PS Audio 1000 is discontinued. Their new regenerator unit is called the Power Plant Premier and it has all the features you mentioned. Plus is made especially for music and HT systems. A UPS system is big and impractical for music. Most audiophiles would not consider one. Go to the PS Audio site and check it and get all the details.
Wow. I finally see a reference to green on an audio forum. It's about time. I know no one alive (except one) is perfect, but it can't hurt to try. Personally, I chose a bel canto amplifier in large part because of its efficiency, and I thank Viridian for pointing out efficiency as applied to power regeneration. There's a line however that I'm not ready to cross and that is embracing flourescent lighting. Are there flourescent fixtures that don't affect the quality of our AC juice? My contractor friend says there are.