R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius


It is with heavy heart that I bring to you the heart breaking news of the passing of one of audio's true geniuses. Roy Johnson passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. He was a truly brilliant speaker designer, and true friend, and an amazing person. For those of us lucky to have known him as customers or friends we know he was infinitely committed to lending a hand, imparting his wisdom, solving problems and creating some of the most amazing loud speakers ever heard.  There were often gremlins in my system not centered around his loudspeakers and Roy would literally drop everything and help me trace down problems, while all the time educating and teaching me, not for gain, not for money, but because that's who Roy Johnson was. 

He will be greatly missed for his humor, his dedication, and his selflessness in audio and in life.

Rest in Peace Dear Friend,

You Are Loved
Sorry to hear about this, Roy.  You and I had many great and long conversations over the years.  Thank you for the work you put in on my Continuum 3/HX speakers.  I'm still not sure I had them working to their best when I sold them to someone who would hopefully appreciate them more.  Roy, you had great enthusiasm for audio and your speaker designs.  I always appreciated that.  May you rest in peace.  I feel bad that we will never get to meet in person as we had planned a couple times.

Wow sorry to hear this. Had a few conversations with him too. Always willing to talk about his speakers and lend a hand. Sorry to hear of his passing - RIP. 
I'll miss you Roy. You spent so much time giving me advice about building my subs it was like you made them. I'll always remember how happy you were when you finally got your crossovers just right. And you sold me a pair of the Picos with that crossover so inexpensively because my older ones didn't have it. Rest in peace, and maybe we'll see each other on the other side.
I’ll echo others on the thread: this is both very sad, and for me, unexpected news. I did not realize that Roy was ill, and although we never met in person, his passionate and generous customer service had such an impact on me that I feel a real loss.

I have owned two pair of GMA speakers – Europa Max and Callisto. I still own the latter, and have two related anecdotes. When they arrived in my (then) home on Long Island, one of the enclosures had been chipped in transit. Roy replaced the damaged speaker within a week of the return.

Years later, when I was preparing to move abroad, I contacted him about the Callistos, mentioned that they had been in storage for some time, and also asked about any possible upgrades. He encouraged me to keep the speakers, provided detailed instructions for reinforcing the drivers, and sent replacement grills at no cost.

I also spent several hours, over the years, speaking with Roy about various ancillary issues. He was remarkably generous both with his time, and extraordinary knowledge.

Very sad to hear this news. I know he had been struggling, but he seemed to have stabilized, and I had not spoken to him in some time. I still have "Happy Ears" with hIs GMA Continuum 2 speakers with the latest HX crossover. I always enjoyed talking to him. He was always so knowledgeable and generous with his time and talent. I will miss him.