R.I.P. Ray Dolby

Inventor extraordinaire.
Big and one of the more recognizable names in the history of recorded sound and home audio! Maybe he left me a few bucks in appreciation of all the gear I sold over the years that had the word "Dolby" proudly emblazoned on it. Collector items someday maybe? He blinded me with science!! Whoops, wrong Dolby. Seriously probably a great guy. RIP.
A true genious and inventor whether you liked the product or not. He did more than what was printed on his products. I read an expose on him not to long ago and was quite impressed.
He certainly immensely improved my enjoyment of recording my cassettes. It was very worthwhile for my music appreciation at the time. I was using Quad3/303 and electrostatics. It would be nice to have more like him around today.