R.I.P Glen Campbell

Was never a fan, but always acknowledged him as a guitar player and original member of the "wrecking crew"

I thought "Witchita Lineman" was a great song.

My mother had dementia, so his passing is heart felt.

Also the original replacement for Brian Wilson as The Beach Boys touring bass player, when Brian didn't want to go on the road anymore.
I'm a big fan. I read once that he had played guitar on 50 or more #1 songs from the Supremes to The Beach Boys. His own albums were really good to not as good, like anyone who's had a long career, and among his many accomplishments , I consider his Christmas album to be one of the greatest. He leaves us a great catalog of music. 
A fan since I was 11 years old ... that's 50 years.  'Galveston' was the first 45 single that I purchased (Woolworths in Manhattan) and 'Wichita Lineman' was the first album that I purchased (EJ Korvettes in Brooklyn).  

His voice always did it for me.  He will be missed.

Sad at the news. Truly a great American "Musicians Musician". Anyone know if Glenn ever collaborated with John Denver?
He sang with him on his TV show .
Not many know he also played the bagpipes and was a big fan of Scottish folk music .

"Galveston " was the troops national anthem in later part of Vietnam war .
RIP Glenn .
I played my copy of "Witchita Lineman" last night,

That title track really has everything that all great songs have-a story you can picture in your mind and music that sets the mood. The string section is so fitting, and appropriate for the story. I typically find orchestra backed stuff corny.

The rest of the album...? well, it’s just not my cup of tea.

I was missing Glen Campbell in my music library and corrected that a few weeks back converting some Glen vinyl I  picked up at the thrift store not long ago.   Always had a soft spot for this guy's music.   
Never was a fan but to some degree understand how others might be, just not my cup of tea. Bet Tonya Tucker and his other x wives and girl friends are resting better now.
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The Beach Boys connection alone would be enough to earn my respect, but then I saw him perform live in '68 and I was very impressed.  Also, he gave John Hartford a hit record that allowed John to have a successful career so there's that feather in his cap.  He was one talented singer and picker.
rpeluso-what an odd post. Are you lost,down and out,unemployed,broke, newly divorced....

or just  "that guy?"

Facebook? What exactly goes on at this Facebook?

What is wrong with the posts here? Sad and Mr. Campbell will be missed.  Watch the documentary on his battle with Alzheimer's. Very well done and touching. 
I have always enjoyed Glen's music, guitar playing, singing, great hair. I remember watching his show with my father in my formative years. I married a wonderful woman but she has banned Glen from our house, my music collection. The day after Glen died I went to her with my hat in hand and asked if I could get a Glen compilation. YES! A 2 cd set is in the mail.
A visual and audio DVD testimonial to his talents ..... a 2001 recorded PBS performance with the South Dakota symphony orchestra backing


His guitar playing talents are also emphasized that validate his talents in the Wrecking Crew and also places him in the same strata of the all-time greats including Les Paul, Mark Knoffler, and Chet Atkins

His incredible performance backed by the symphony orchestra left me stunned ..... highly recommended .

here’s a sampler...... a smokin’ guitar rendition of the William Tell Overture


And Classical Gas


akg_ca-great clips, thanks!

Glen was first and foremost an A list guitarist.

As a HACK guitar playinhg enthusiast for many years, I’ve always been hip to Glen’s fine playing.

I am currently bin diving for a couple of now "rare" mono instrumentals Glen did:
"The Astounding 12 String Guitar of Glen Campbell"
"The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell"

His voice and his interpretation of lyrics will always stand out in my memory as part of my personal musical evolution.

Thank you Glen!
I am very much a classic Jazz fan and have been for years, but when I was in the Air Force during the Vietnam war his music was a comfort at times.  Wichita Lineman was/is a modern pop/country classic.   Thanks Glen.
One incredible career to say the least,  60 year's!,  rest in peace Glen Campbell 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎼🎶🎶
Can you guess how old I am? I saw the Kingston Trio at the Hungry I in San Francisco and half way through their set they introduced their backup guitar player, Glenn Campbell.
When I was a youngster, my aunt and uncle had a charter jet business for entertainers. Glenn was one of their clients and friend. Kind of neat looking through family pictures and hearing the stories. And remember those great record collections, with some of the to be played records in those wood slots in the all in one consoles. As a kid you don't think about how cool that must have been to be in that generation.
Check out the interview with Alice Cooper on Glenn on Youtube. They and their families were very close and although different musically, they had lots in common - addiction, sobriety, golf, faith, both survivors in the music industry, and just great friends. Lots of insight to him as a person and his disease. Worth 10 minutes of your time. He was one of the great American artist. Several months ago a couple of my wives girlfriends came over -  one was once married to a member of a popular rock band, and  she also worked in the music industry - and  they wanted to hear my system. I played vinyl,  Court and Spark, then Glenn's greatest hits, (found an original pressing still sealed at local tecord store, cheap) After Witchita Lineman played she turned to me, tears welled up in her eyes and she said "that sounds wonderful...". That is Glenn Campell and that is what this hobby is all about. 
Wichita lineman and Rhinestone Cowboy my favorite.
Will be missed 
Other sides of Glen Campbell ...

Besides being an A list guitarist, he also could not read music.  He played by ear.  Not unique, but not usual.  

A real gem of a video, his version stacks well alongside the original ...



rar1- cool link.

Glen was typical of a rock or country guitar hotshot. Didn’t read music and would just have to hear one pass of a tune, then he was able to contribute to the piece.

Just about all the R&R gods-Beck,Page, Townsend,Richards...etc. don’t read music.
I never knew what a truly talented guitar player he was until I attended a Jimmy Webb show. He showed a film of Glenn playing MacArthur Park that blew my mind. I immediately downloaded it and a few other of my favorite Campbell songs I'd never collected. He was one a few artists that I should have bought back when; but never got around to. I am sad for his family and many, many friends.
Virtuoso guitarist (Gene Norman Group-Dylan Jazz) and perfect pitch voice (no software pitch correction needed), what's not to like?