R.I.P. Dr. John

One of my all-time favorite New Orleans Jazz artist. 
Not Dr John. Say it isn’t so. What a shame! Very Sad. One of my all-time favorites is "Walk on Gilded Splinters."
For those interested, check out WWOZ New Orleans Jazz Station, for several tribute programs starting now. Listen On-Line!
A little bit Jazz, a little bit R & B, and a whole lotta Nawlins. One of a kind, like all great artists. I fear Van Morrison will also soon leave us, and the world will really be a poorer place.

He died "towards the break of day" on Thursday, of a heart attack, a statement has confirmed. He was 77.

Dr. John was the soul of "Nawlins"; his music personified that city and all the great musicians it produced that went before him; he stated that out of all the great cities in the world, there was no place that he would rather live than "Nawlins".

I would like to share with you one of my favorites by Dr. John. This one is about someone else who died "towards the break of day";



That sucks, man.  Pick up a copy of Dr. John plays Mac Rebennak on vinyl.  Just him playing the piano with a few vocals.  Amazing player.  I hope it went easy for him. 

Although my preferred genre of music is jazz, I always got a kick out of "The Night Tripper's" music. He was "Nawlins" through and through and that included "Hoodoo"; his album Creole Moon has a picture of "Baron Samedi" on the cover; he's one of the spirits of Haitian and Louisiana Voodoo.

One hundred and fifty years ago, Dr. John was a powerful hoodoo practitioner in Nawlins, which is where the night tripper got his name. My favorite music comes from his two albums where he explores "Gris-gris".



Without a doubt, Dr. John will have one of the biggest funerals Nawlins ever saw with the longest "Second Line"; RIP Dr. John.
Gris Gris lp perfect mix of New Orleans and psychedelic with a little voodoo throw in.

People see me, but they just don't know
What's in my heart and why I love you so
I love you baby, like a miner loves gold
Come yeah baby, let the good times roll

Let the good times roll
Oh let the good times roll
Let the good times roll
Come on baby, get down
And let the good times roll
Let the good times roll

Love is nice when it's understood
It's even nicer when you're feelin' good
You got me slippin' like a flag on a pole
Come yeah baby, let the good times roll
Thank you for the good times Dr. John!!!
Profoundly entertaining, shockingly talented and twisted just enough to make you smile with every riff.  Immersed in his world twice at Jazz Alley in Seattle with acoustics to die for.  Music magic in a slightly odd package.

R.I.P. Dr. and thanks for more than a glimpse of genius.