R.I.P. Dan Mazza

For everyone in the Phoenix area, I just found out Dan passed away 3 weeks ago, from a heart attack.
I heard many great tube systems, at Dan's store.........
If I recall correctly Dan was the gentleman I got an audio research faceplate from 12 years ago. A true gentleman. God bless his soul.
Wow, I'm shocked. I just purchased a set of tubes from him a little over a month ago.
My condolences to Dan's family and his business accociate Glenn.
I purchased my first tube amplifier from him in 1996 and have done regular business with him ever since. We always got along great even if we disagreed on the merits of certain products.
I spent a lot of Saturday afternoons at the store discussing audio and F1 racing, munching pizza.
I will miss Dan for sure.
I was startled and saddened to read that Dan had died. I stopped by his store every time I was in Phoenix. I bought my very first price of tube audio gear from Dan a number of years ago, and bought a number of pieces from him later. He was always friendly and really, really knew his business. My condolences to his family and friends.
I just found out today - Emailed him about a pair of speakers. What a shock. Hopefully he's in a better place now and that AZ Hi-Fi will go on.