R.I.P. Bobby Blue Bland

One of the greats!
One of my all time favorites. I can listen to Bobby Bland singing Stormy Monday anytime and enjoy it just as much. RIP
who you gonna call to replace that voice? RIP Bobby Blue
One of the most beautiful voices of all time. For a guy who dropped out of school in third grade and couldn't read music, it's simply amazing. He was born a musician. Arguably the best blues vocalist of all time.
Indeed a great musician, heres a link to an obituary on Bobby Blue Bland

Bobby Blue Bland

My friend Dennis Had used Bobby's music as demo music at shows, as do I

Good Listening

....he had a huge influence on Gregg Allman. Good stuff and sorry to see this.
Garebear, How do you know that?
Rfog - big ABB fan and have read numerous books on Gregg and the AAB. Gregg had commented in one of those books that he thought - that Bobby just had one of those voices. Something along those lines. He did have a nice voice. That's how I know that
Garebear, I totally agree Bobby Bland's voice was very special, but I do not hear his influence on the Almon Bros Band.
......who said he had any influence on Allman Brothers Band itself ??? No need to trip this out Rfrog....read the books on Gregg Allman as he noted that he loved his voice and the way he sang.....Ummmmm ; Stormy Monday
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