R.E.M. - "Automatic for the People"

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I am wondering about R.E.M. "Automatic for the People" on vinyl. I can pick this Lp up at Amazon Canada for under $18 and ships free. They cannot tell me whether the pressing of this Warner Music Lp is American or from the UK. I have read over and over that the American pressing is sub-standard compared to the UK or German pressings. They also cannot tell me whether this is a re-issue or original.

Mint UK or German copies of this are mostly available from the other side of the water and with shipping, getting very costly. Too much for my bank account.

I went onto the UK Amazon site and they have the same listing ASIN number for their version of this Lp. So maybe they are all being manufactured at the same place - but where is that?

So, does anyone know if this Amazon Canada offering is American or UK; and if American, what the sound quality is like? Sounds great or stay away from it?

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Try EIL.com. Very reasonable shipping and fantastic information. I've bought from them with no problems.
Bought my copy at a record shop in Canada some time ago--doesn't say where it was pressed but I assume it's an American copy. Sound is fantastic, among the best of what I have and a good one to put on if you want to impress your friends.

I can check the etching on the inside of the record if you like.
Thanks for the feedback Audiojedi,

On most newer albums (near the top or bottom corner) is a bar code. Does your jacket have one? If so, can you rattle it off for me please? That actually could be of value in discerning where this Lp is from. The American pressing has a code of 9362-45055-1. Any other codes/markings that you can find on yours could be of help too. I appreciate it!


My go-to sites for questions like this woulde be Steve Hoffman Forum and Discogs.
My go-to sites for questions like this woulde be Steve Hoffman Forum and Discogs.

I discovered that site about a year ago. Fantastic place.
Thanks for the SH recommendation - I have already posted a question.

Thanks All,

I got some great feedback on the Hoffman forum.
I will not be purchasing the Lp from Amazon.
I will be patient and wait for an original German or UK pressing.


my opinion is when someone who is selling vinyl has more excuses than answers to your inquires pass. This means to me they are not people that know their stock,their in it for the moola. You made the right descision but you don't need me to tell you that.
That's true Qdrone!
I actually may have a line on a German pressing at a decent price for what these are selling for these days. We'll see what happens.

Good listening!

Hi, I just discovered this site and this is my first post.

After reading this and Steve Hoffman forum I remain without knowing if Amazon vinyl is good or not.

I live in Spain, so I surelly would buy european pressing (and cheap 11,63€) but I can't find is that pressing is the same of US "grong one" because the ASIN number is the same for all amazon: USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain

Maybe I should buy it and be the "guinea pig"....