'R' Channel Dropout on older Nad 3150 amp

I have an older NAD 3150 amp for my second amp and it has started to frequently "drop" the right channel. It had happened once or so per month and could be fixed by turning the amp off then on. Or by balancing volume to right channel and playing with volume knob and turning way up and channel would pop back in. Now these same solutions work but require doing so multiple times per day. Any easy solutions to this? many thanks, e
this unit may need inspecting a loose solder joints on the R signal path.
prior doing that I'd check the interconnects as well.
Same problem developed this past week on my NAD 3300. Research suggests: cleaning contacts especially some on PC board; checking PC board solder joints; checking speaker connectors. There's a site stereorepair.net (IIRC) that would fix the NADs for about $150. Of course, these units might not be worth that much. Let's share notes. Good luck, -- William
I had the exact same problem this month with both a nad c370 and the t773. The right channel 'drops' on both of these receivers. The temp solution is just as you mentioned..turn off and on the receiver. Is this a common or known issue with nad? This is really annoying.
Hi, i have the same problem with the right channel on a 3150 amp, the power is very weak on that channel, hardly any bass or treble, very muffled sound. I got hold of the service manual and hooked up a multimeter and made the necessary adjustments as suggested in the manual but this made no effect on the poor sound. Has anybody made any progress on this problem?
I would bet that Marakanetz is correct. Probably Cracked solder joints. I got a 7120 receiver on ebay with a bad channel. I looked at several solder joints with a magnifying glass and noticed that they had a tiny crack in them. I also have an ADC equalizer that had the same problem. I fixed both with re-soldering. This is common with older electronics. Mine were in the joints for some of the selector switches.
hi Marakanetz, what is the "R" signal path? i'm an amateur at this repair game, so dont really know the terminology...
i have a problem with the left channel of my 3150. it plays fine in the 12 o'clock position,but, if i turn it to the left channel there is no sound coming from that channel. is this a common problem with nad? i love the clarity of this integrated and i would love to have it working properly.
Open the case, spray the electric cleaner to the volume or/and balance tuning unit(varing transister). It should fix it.
Look at the Relay. Tap the relay. This may be your problem. Contacts are sticking. They need to be burnished to work correctly. Remove the relay and take it out of the plastic shell. After filing it with a dry wet fine sandpaper spray with deoxit and put it all back together.

Good luck