R&B version of "Franky & Johnny"

Heard a great R&B version of the classic tune couple of weeks ago when I was down in South Carolina. No idea what the station was, rental car full of my golfing buddies. Anyone know what this might have been? TIA
Sam Cooke?
Sonofnorway nailed it.

Fifth cut on "Sam Cooke at the Copa" July 7th & 8th 1964. He also does a version of "Bill Baily", "Try a little Tenderness" and "Twisten the Night Away."

Sammy Davis jr. introduces Sam Cooke that night.

My mother and father use to played that 45 daily when I was growing up, that’s one of the few songs along with Ray Charles “I’m Busted” that always stay in my head.
"All songs considered" showcased this song Wendesday.
There are so many versions and corrupted lyrics to it.
An old song, 1890's and was covered from numerous bluesman to Elvis to todays artists.

A.S.C. has a great back log of songs on their website you might get lucky and find the songs they covered. Tis a great site for music.
"npr.com" links you to all songs considered.
Thanks, all. You're the best!
Besides the realease that Dave mentions, I've got "Frankie an Johnny" on two other Sam Cooke CD's:
Sam Cooke - Greatest Hits - RCA 07863 67605-2 and
a relatively recent SACD hybrid that I can't find at the moment
Sonof- If you can find the SACD hybrid, please post. BTW, how do the old master tapes sound transfered to hi-rez?
I can't seem to locate it at the moment. The SACD hybrid I have is "Potrait of a Legend 1951-1964" on Abkco. But I'm mistaken about that song being on it. Amazon's track listing doesn't show that song.

I can't offer much of an opinion on SACD yet. For SACD I've just got a Pioneer 763 that's hooked up to a secondary 2-channel system.
Thanks, Sonof.