R 2 D 4

What is your favorite all time recording? Why do you lke it so. Mine is NEIL YOUNG'S HARVEST This album puts me in a dream like state.It is so beautful and full of emotion.
I would have to say guns N' roses' use your illusion II. Well not the whole album mostly just the song estranged. It's put together so well. The guitar work is wonderful. It starts slow and slowly draws you in. I like the time changes. I love the subtle guitar work behind the main guitar. nothings forced. and it's really long like 10 minutes or so. It's got emotion to it. the more I listen to it the more I'm entranced by it, the more I discover in the song. The drumming may not be phenominal but he put everything in just the perfect place. And thats what it's all about isn't it?
Sorry I meant the guitar work behind the piano.
miles davis-tutu, bound to be a classic. title tune frequently performed locally in the san fernando valley in clubs on ventura blvd. one fo his very best. marcus milller featured.
Def Leppard, Hysteria; then The Who, Who's Next; then Dave Bruebeck, Time Out; then Balalaika Favorites; then Led Zeppelin 2; then 4. I listed more than one, but I like to break the rules just to feel alive, so I know you'll understand. And you should have called this "R2D2", just to be humorous, perhaps...I don't know, he had kind of a bright top end. Must have been an early CD.
Carl,Sorry about that ass woopin you got from audiogon.Some people have no sense of humor!I'm with you brother.Is your ass still red? LOL,LOL. Led zep 4 awesome.The Battle for Evermore blows me away!!
Great topic, but I can't stop at just one either: J.J. Cale "Guitar Man"-- a lighter form of blues with New Orleans influence, as compared to the the harder Chicago blues. JJ is an excellent guitar player and the trk "Guitar Man" is well titled. Buddy Guy "Damn Right I've Got the Blues"-- some say BG plays over the top-- maybe so, but nobody has played "Mustang Sally" with the NRG and excitment that BG does. ZZ Top "One Foot in the Blues"-- their best. Cowboy Junkies "The Caution Horses", Margo Timmins voice is haunting but still intimate. And finally, Enigma II, "The Cross of Changes"-- I get lost in the percussion, and the screaming electric guitars tear me up. Thanks D99.
BTW David 99, what does LOL stand for?
OR LOL= Laugh out loud
without question my favorite is riviera paradise by stevie ray vaughan. i saw him play this live at the stone pony in asbury park,n.j. no more than 20 feet away and i still remember it like it was yesterday. i have even told my kids i want this played at my funeral non-stop. i still miss him.
Hey I was just asking myself about LOL also. When I play Quake 3 online other people type it in. Man I love this site. everything I ever need.
David, wasn't an ass whoopin. Just a reminder to excercise restraint. Yes, "The Battle of Evermore" is an awesome song. "I hear, the horses' thunder, down in the valley below. I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon, waiting for the east winds' blow..."
MoFi's gold cd, like at about 1 or 2 am of Dark Side of the Moon. I know, I've heard it on close and plays,on the radio, with headphones, ect., for ever, but after some (many) good Bass Pale Ales, this disc makes my Snell CV's come alive!!!
Two non-related additions, both of which came in the mail today. The Ataulfo Argenta LP box set on Alto is phenomenal!! I don't listen to classical that much but it doesn't get much better than this! DEAD QUIET vinyl, incredible detail and dynamics. I love analog! For you CD rock 'n' rollers from the '70s, the MoFi reissue extended version of the Who "Live at Leeds" is a MUST HAVE! It almost makes you want to roll a doobie (almost! ;-) Since MoFi is out of business, buy one NOW or DIE regretting it! I stole that saying from Fremer, that's what he said about the Argenta box set :-)
I have Live at Leeds on half speed aluminum (heh heh). I'll probably get both of those, as you suggest, Musikdok. My favorite Fremer saying is "lunching a stylus". I've never done it, but UPS did it for me once.
Argenta through Acoustic Sounds for $260 if still available (I got #43!). Live at Leeds at Elusive Disc for $35, same caveat.
Too much free time this AM! Here's a list of 10 LPs that YOU CAN FIND today (well, maybe not TODAY ;-) in a record shop, highly recommended for you analog junkies: 1) Neil Young - Tonight's the Night: Neil at his most stoned 2) Elliot Smith - XO: A modern day Neil Young/ Dylan influenced genius from Portland, Oregon 3) Beck - Mutations: Strange lyrics, but the best synthesis of musical styles since Zappa 4) Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass: Is it country? Kinda, but it's much more. 5) Johnny Cash - American Recordings: It's MONO and Phe-mono-mal. This man makes country COOL. 6) Bill Evans - At Montreux (Classic Records): A religious experience in Jazz Trio form 7) John Coltrane - Stellar Regions (Impulse): The epiphany of a dying genius 8) Ben Folds Five - The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner - Just plain fun. He's like a pissed-off Billy Joel from Carolina 9) Otis Redding - Otis Blue: Mono, not as easy to find as the others. Repeat after me: I must find this record, I must find this record....... 10) SRV and Double Trouble - In Step: Need I say more?
Music Direct has a special on the few Argenta's they have left ~$189. Hurry, it is a must have set Spanish classical music performances and recorded extremely well. These pressings are flawless, 10+! Gerrym5
So many to choose from ..... so I will list some that I have never seen on anyone else's list. Steve Poltz "One Left Shoe" and Mark Lanegan "I'll Take Care Of You" - singer/songwriter/guitarists of exceptional talent - two magical albums. Jessica Williams "Jessica's Blues" - fantastic pianist technically, playing accessible but inspired blues based jazz in a small group - by the third track you will be racing to the counter to buy it. Count Basie "For The First Time" - I must be the odd-man-out prefering his trio work, this time with Ray Brown and Louis Bellson - there is something seriously wrong with your system if you can sit still with this one, but it also has plenty for the mind too!
Musikdok, I just got Argenta from Mucis Direct for $159, serial number 148. Can't wait to hear it!!!
Damn that umpulse buying! I never was much of a comparative shopper :-) Don't forget Live at Leeds Gold MFSL!