"When Records Ruled The World"...BBC Documentary

This is an excellent BBC documentary entitled "When Records Ruled The World". Very well done.

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Sorry, the title is "When Albums Ruled The World". Keep an eye out for: Dynavector 10X5, Rega P9, Linn LP-12 plus a few other high-end pieces.

I just watched this again and it is really fascinating.
Great film, moving even!
Thanks for pointing it out!
As always you keep it about the music! Thanks for the link - great viewing.
Great Documentary. Well worth the time to watch it. Some classic footage from an era that I grew up in. Even had my Linn Sondek LP12 in it. Every vinyl lover and rock 'n' roll fan should check this out.
Nice find!
Will it be released on BR or DVD?
Thanks for the link, excellent stuff. I don't agree with every single factoid or point of emphasis, but very well done (no big surprise, BBC!)
Thanks Mofimadness. Great show. I do agree with Tostadosunidos. Specifically I do not agree that the format of the lp was the reason for some of the great pop/rock/jazz works of the 60s,70sand 80s. Rather, the music referred to was often brilliant and coincidentally appeared on lps as that was the most popular format of the day. And it still is for me.
I haven't watched the documentary but plan to soon. This may have nothing to do with the program but it made me wonder, could it be that many musicians these days can't get enough good tunes together to fill an "album"?
Mofi, I do not know who you are but...thank you, thank you, thank you. Wonderful film. I've shipped same to a few pals.
Great film. Rega featured prominently throughout. Sad news is that the golden era of vinyl was so short-maybe 11 years. Every audiophile and record collector should tune in.