"What the HECK were they thinking" Thread.

Let me start by saying I am really liking some of the new singers I'm hearing lately. That being said there is some cuts that just blow me away...in a bad way.

Exhibit ONE for your "aproval"....

Michael Buble remake on Crazy Love Special Edition Of
"Cry Me A River"

How can anyone that can sing screw that song up? Kettle Drum start??? Really? What was he thinking???
My "What the HECK were they thinking" song is Hillary Duff's track "Reach out and Touch me" where the beat from Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus was either sampled/used. Pure sacrilege IMO. Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus is an amazing song. Johnny Cash's cover was cool as was Marilyn Manson's but this horror with a corny rapper is just wrong.
This guy bubles is an amateur.

Check out Robbie
I liked Marilyn Manson's cover of the Eurithmics "Sweet Dreams", at least the video where he rides a big-ass hog (animal, not a Harley) is hilarious.

I like the Joe Cocker version of "Cry Me a River" (Leon Russel arrangement).

When an artist or producer tries to put a new spin on a classic without respecting the original, it is rarely successful.

Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt" was heart-wrenching.
I avoid pop in general and the name Michael Buble really makes me cringe. It's hard for me to think of bad covers because I just generally avoid the obvious (in my mind). Lots of great covers immediately jump up at me. David Lindley's Werewolves of London for one, and Howard DeVoto's Thankyoufalletinmebemiceelfagain for another.

The 'what was he thinking' one for me is I suppose David Johansen's Buster Poindexter thing with Hot Hot Hot. Never got that at all. Glad he's a NYD again.