"What's The Best Value Speaker In $5k-$10k Range?"

I'd appreciate some advice from those experienced with great speakers. I'm hoping that this thread will be valuable to lots of others, as well.

On to my question: What are the best value speakers you can buy on the used market in the $5k-$10k price range? I think it's time to get into something world-class for music, and I've found that in each area of life or hobby, there are gems available that might not carry the most popular brand name - or be the latest fashion - but that do deliver the best performance for the money.

I'd appreciate recommendations from any resident speaker gurus. Thank you!
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I would go for Revel STUDIO or SALON 1. Hence its 1 not 2...and get a used OLD KRELL that were made By Dan D agostino
I was on a Taves show and heard Montis setup by ML people. I do not remember the amplifier in the setup but the sound was so dry that I left the room running. Before I run out I asked for the Montis price and they told me $11k. That is a shame since few years earlier I've heard ML Source at a dealer's setup with Parasound A23 which sounded much, much better than this Montis?!
Anyone have any thoughts on Avalon Idea Speakers? They run around $8,000 new. My dealer is suggesting these might be our "retirement" speakers. They would be paired with Ayre 7xe integrated amp. Has anyone heard these?
Metalphoenix,the people love or dont like ML's at all, so depends on yor personal taste. I like some aspects of their sound, but never bought the pair because it seems they are quite a bit fussy to set up, need lots of space, big amp, panels last a limited time, and they sound diffrently depending of weather. All of this are experiences from a friend of mine, who has them, and loves them, despite all. We live near the sea, and there are climate changes, must add.

Audiowoman, another friend of mine has Avalon Ascedents,with new Ayre Ax-5 integrated, together with Ayre dac.Cables are Audioqust, top of the line. I am not sure if Ayre and Avalona are good combination, maybe he needs to put all Cardas cables in system. If I were looking speakers to hook with your amp, I would certainly try Sonus Faber models