"Warmer" high-powered amp/int stable w/ low load?

I've got a pair of Mark & Daniel Rubys on the way. They're mini-monitors with an F3 of 45 and a tweeter that runs 900hz-22khz.

Tradeoff is that they're 82.5db inefficient with an impedance of 3-6 ohms. 80 watts minimum is recommended.

They're said to be extremely clean and revealing, so I'm looking for high powered ampsd (or even better, integrateds) that are tonally rich rather than dry. Quick would be nice too. Looking to spend under $1000 used. Thanks!
Don't laugh, but the Sunfire amp would do a nice job. Tons of power, warm tonal balance. Cheers,
i agree with sbank...also, you'll need a lot more than 80 wpc...and you'll need a sub
NAD C372 would be my recommendation. $900 new. But in this price range, it will be hard to find an amp that is rich as well as quick.

Get your hands on an older NY Audio Labs/Moscode hybrid amp. You can find these in 300 watt or 600 watt versions I believe. Tube gain and solid state output.

I've got an old pair of Grommes G101A tube amps that are stable down to 1.4 ohms at 100wpc continuous. If you don't need more than 101 or 102db, they would do the job if you can find a pair? Mine aren't for sale.
The Sunfire is a dark sounding amp.
Depending on your budget, I would suggest one of the McCormack amps (DNA-1, DNA-225, or DNA-2 if you can stretch it). They should have no trouble with that load and have the 'warm' sound that you appear to be looking for.
I have found the Ayre V-1xe to be tonally rich and also stable into low impedances. The power will be more than enough for your speakers.
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