"Virtual" Magneplanar Tympanis

Does anyone know enough about the old Magneplanar Tympanis to guess how they might be recreated with 3 (?) pairs of new Magneplanars? Although obviously difficult to place, I understand the old multi panel system imaged beautifully and had impressive bass. Is this an interesting idea, or total madness? Which new model would you use and in addition to placement, what challenges/difficulties would this present? Thank you.
cwlondon: i thought you were moving to nyc. they don't truck with these kinda mods in ny. 160% tax, don'tcha know. all kidding aside, why would you care to take on such a project? i think you'd be much better served buying a pair of sounlab a1's or a3's. you could always put a shoji screen in front of 'em.
oops, that should read "soundlab." http://www.soundlab-speakers.com/
Cornfedboy -- great to hear from you -- I have been busy and not writing recently. I am still in the midst of my move and square footage of listening room is still unclear which leaves me daydreaming about speaker configurations... You make a very good point about the Soundlabs which I have never heard and definitely need to check out. I just have had a thing about Tympanis since I was a kid, hence my obsession. Hope you are well.