"upgrade" from Cary SLI 80 F1 edition

I've got before very good advice from this forum, so I'll post another question now:
I've got for the past 6 month or so a Cary SLI 80 F1 edition, and I've done some tube rolling , but so far I still think there is something "missing". The sound-stage is quite small and the details are sort of missing sometimes.

I guess I am ready to look for something else, so what else can I get for around 2k that sounds "better" than what I have now. I am looking only at integrated tube amps, but maybe I can be convinced to go separates:)

Thanks a lot for your time and suggestions!
You need to list what speakers you are using (specs if they are little known brand), room size, and music you like including how loud you would like to be able to play the system. Then somebody would be able to offer an informed opinion.
Agreed, that should be a killer amp. What cables are you using as well?
I have a pair of VMPS 626:

Bass: - 16 cm (6") WCF Megawoofer bass, rear reflex loaded
Mid: - rectangular 10 x 20 cm (4 x 8") Neo ribbon, 280 Hz - 6.9 kHz
Treble: - FST, 6.9 kHz - 30 kHz
Impedance & Sensitivity: - 8 Ohm (5.6 min.) 90 dB/1W/1m
Power handling: - 150 W rms /4 Ohms, 20 W min.
Frequency response: - 42 Hz-25 kHz +0/-3 dB
Dimensions & Weight: - 61H x 25W x 33D cm, 18 kg (24"H x 10"W x 13"D, 40 lbs)
Output levels and distortion: - max. 1% THD fullrange / 1 W, max. 110+ dB SPL / 1 m

The room is not very big, but I have no idea about the measurements:)

I listen mostly to jazz,rock fusion and world music at a reasonable level no more than 50% of the max the amp can do.

Before you sell it, you might try this, by the way I am on my 3rd SLI-80. Get rid of the Jensen oil caps and put in V-caps. Call Chris Vanhaus, he is great to work with
It's a cheap, but substantial upgrade. You will get more bandwidth, both ends, more detail, better sound stage, clarity, transparency, and speed! I always felt the Cary was slow and overly romantic and lacked detail...NO MORE! You will probably have to do more tube rolling... I did. I had some nos ediswans in the frontend and once I got the V-caps, they where too much of a good thing. The only downside to the V-caps is the long break-in period...minimum 500hrs, but more is better.
Best, cheapest upgrade you can do. It makes the Cary "world class" to me.
Hope that helps.
Thanks Mike!
Unfortunately I am in Canada, so I cannot send the amp for mods:(

I just got a pair of VALVO E88CC red printing NOS from 1961 and those tubes seem to make quite a big difference in the detail level.

I'll see if I can get some Ediswans.

Just find a local tech to switch the caps. It's not a big deal. Just order the caps from Chris and take the unit to a local tech that can solder and you will be good to go!
It's really a very simple mod, but with big time results.
I'd also look towards changing out the 6550 tubes in favor of a quad of EL34. In my opinion, the EL34 really walks away from 6550, KT88, and KT90 variants in terms of musicality and that flesh and blood sense of being alive. The amp might really spring to life, presuming the change can be made, and you get the bias settings correct for the EL34.
Call Steve Deckard at Decware Audio. I was in your position a few years ago. Cary Audio is very commercial. Decware has great products.
I agree with Trelja, try EL 34 power tubes. The Electro Harmonics EL34 is a great tube in that amp with a good top end, great mids, and really opens up the soundstage. You lose a bit of the bass slam, but make up for it with a wonderful full midrange and great highs. After that you can fine tune the 6sn7 and 6922 positions.
sli 80 is slow, overly romantic and lacks dynamics as well with kt 88 and el 34. try the Chinese KT66 and rebias between 50 and 60 ma. you'll be imazed how open up the sli 80 will be.
I have a sli-80 and send it to a technician in Toronto for upgrade. He upgraded a few cap to mundorf and the sound opens up.
As a former SLI-80 owner, IMO you can play around with tube rolling and cap changes until you're blue in the face and still not get around the underlying issues of the basic circuit topology and design execution. I have an old Eico HF-89 that I rebuild and modded (now sitting on a shelf) that ran circles around the Cary. The Cary had NOS Genelex KT-88s, vintage Sylvania 6SN7WGTAs, Amperex "pinched waist" 6922s and Mullard 5AS4 retifiers at the time. It's harder than you think to turn a "sow's ear" into a "silk purse".