"Tube Devialet" - The ifi retro stereo 50 amp/dac

Any real world experience and comparison with the ifi retro stereo 50 amp dac so far? Its an 4xEL84X amp (stronger military version of the standard EL84) in push pull and it produces 10W into 8Ohm and 6W into 4 Ohm (measured in a hifi mag review) and is equipped with the dac part of the ifi micro idsd. How about 3d imaging, timing stability, texture, soundstage compared to other amps?
First of all, it pushes at least 20 solid watts per channel with those output tubes, the mag(rag) dead is wrong. I think the amp and its packed feature set is terrific in context. An all tube integrated with inboard phono stage, dac, a fine headphone amp(tube driven) bluetooth and aptx data streaming. It all works well as a package, it is a giant killer. Also has tone controls....

Its not a Leben nor a Swissonor nor a Shindo nor a Vac nor an ARC nor a MAC but I would recommend this amp without reservation to someone starting out, someone looking to get into vinyl while breaking away from the big box all in ones and to anyone looking for a second system central piece. I did NOT own the speakers, only the amp but it drove an old pair of Dynaco a25's without breathing hard.

Highly recommended. Peace.