"The Yes Album" Remasters

Anyone have any input into CD remaster releases of this disc? The Jpn mini lp is shown to be HDCD, will that negatively affect playback on a non-HDCD player? Thanks for any inputs you have.
The Atlantic remaster is a vast improvement over the original
Atlantic release. I have not heard other versions.
I also have the Atlantic remaster and it's not bad. I've heard different things about the Japanese HDCDs. Some are supposed to be good, others not so good.

I'd recommend searching the archives of alt.music.yes (easy to do with google). Sound quality of various editions of the different albums is a frequent discussion topic.
As a big Yes fan, I can only recommend the ORIGINAL LP pressings from England.. they are better than U.S., Japan or Germany. The U.S. pressings suck with the exception of Yessongs. I know you guys are talking cd's, just thought I'd add my 2 cents of vinyl experience. I've been listening to Yes for about 30 years now.
Xiekitchen is correct from my 30+ years listening to Yes. Try to acquire the Yes Album and Fragile UK first pressings on the red/plum Atlantic label. Sit back and really appreciate Chris Squire on these gems. They make the US pressings and any of the CD's bow and scrape in comparison. As a side bar, I agree with the Yessongs US pressing except that Bruford is a bit forward in the mix for my taste. On the other hand, his work on that set is outstanding (as usual).
Rhino have remastered everything up to Going For The One on CD-they are very well packaged and have decent liner notes.
Sonically they are probably the best available but are not a massive leap from the last (Atlantic)remasters.
Every CD has several bonus tracks-demo's etc.
If you like Yes and require CD versions-these are essential.
I haven't heard the HDCD versions but HDCD discs usually sound good even without the decoder in your machine.
Hope this helps.
As regards the Yes Album-it is probably the best digital version of this disc I've heard.
The bonus tracks are Your Move and Life Seeker single edits and a previously unreleased studio version of The Clap.
The bonus tracks on this disc are amongst the weakest in the series although overall they are for serious fans only.
As regards the actual Yes album,the Rhino version is the best I've heard.
The 3 bonus tracks are two single edits and a studio version of The Clap.
I was amazed and estatic to here that 90125 was remastered. There is just something about the mastering recording ect that I love. I went to pick it up 2 days ago and it was not in *%#& !!!!!
I picked up Close to the Edge. I was most impressed and could not belive the seperation and clairity.
I ended up going with the Rhino's and am very pleased with the quality of all these remasters...
The next 3 Rhino remasters in the series are Tormato,Drama and 90125 however I believe they are not due out to early March.
The AcousTech reissue of "Fragile" from 2006 is surprisingly good, on vinyl I mean. I bought it because I hadn´t the original UK press back then.