"The Ground" by Tord Gustavsen Trio. Anyone heard?

Since it's ultimately about the music, I would highly recommend "The Ground" by Tord Gustavsen. It follows their entry cd "Changing Places" which is also excellent. This is a jazz group from Norway with piano, bass, and drums. All selections are original and very melodic and complex. There seems to be no filler anywhere. The recording is sonically excellent on CD by ECM with no hi res available. The disc is ECM 1892 and can be found and listened to at a local Barnes and Noble (at least it's at mine).
John Dean
I like it better than "Changing Places." Wonderful performances and gorgeous recording. Dave
This recording is a "must have" in your collection. I found that the performance on this album is better than on Changing Places.
I concur. I like the piano trio format in jazz and this trio is quite satisfying on both CDs. Is it jazz? Don't know and don't care! It is good music!

I have "Changing Places" and like very much. Sounds like I'll be picking up a copy of "The Ground" this week. thanks guys.
I agree, it's wonderful CD.

Another ECM(1891) you'd like is Trio(Marcin Wasilewski, Slawomir Kurkiewicz and Michal Miskiewicz), Tomasz Stanko's
support team.
Thanks to all and for the other ECM trio suggestion.
Another that appeals to me as much as the two Gustavsen's is "Rosslyn" by the John Taylor Trio (Taylor, piano; Marc Johnson, bass; Joey Baron) on ECM 1751. Still another really terrific and lyrical jazz pianist is Enrico Pieranunzi. Anybody know his stuff? Dave
Yes, I have Pieranunzi's "Fellini Jazz". I recommend it, but it's generally faster tempo(ed) and "louder" than the ECM discs mentioned in the thread. That's not a criticism, just something I just wanted people to know. Another ECM disc I highly recommend is Marilyn Cripell's "Storyteller". She's a more "complex" piano player than Gustavsen, with lots of subtlety. It's different, but still in the ECM "camp" with regard to recording aesthetics, beauty, etc. I have not heard "The Ground", but intend to after reading this thread. I liked "Changing Places", but found it a bit "simplistic" and tired of it somewhat quickly. I still put it on if I want something very quiet and soothing, but otherwise I don't find enough variety on it. Another ECM player to consider for those who like Gustavsen is Vasilis Tsabropoulis (sp?). His "Achirana" is a nice disc too. For me these are all for when I'm in a particular mood, but I guess one could say that for all music! I have "Trio", but have not listened to it yet. Based on the trio's work with Tomaz Stanko I look forward to hearing them without him.
Fellini Jazz is rather atypical of Pieranunzi's work, although clearly he is a more spirited player than Gustavsen is (so far, at least, from the two albums I've heard). Here's a few Pieranunzi records I'd recommend:
* "Current Conditions" (CamJazz)
* "Seaward" (Soul Note) - Amazing version of "Yesterdays"
* "Deep Down" (Soul Note)
* "Play Morricone" (CamJazz)

I seem to have accumulated more than a dozen SACDs, CDs and LPs by this guy; didn't realize it. I also have the Crispell, will look for "Achirana." Dave
I'm shocked no one has mentioned Suspended Night by Tomasz Stanko (with the trio mentioned above). Very easy to follow with lots of Impressionistic (eg, Bill Evans) scale and mode changes added to it.

I'll also recommend the new keith Jarrett solo concert "Radiance". Short pieces (for Jarrett, that is) that are either very heart wrenching or very virtuosic. It's worth every dime it costs!

Any opinions of the new ECM by the Keith Jarrett Trio "Always Let Me Go"?

Dopogue: Thanks for the info on other Pieranunzi discs!

Marty: I didn'mention "Suspended Night", but did mention Stanko. I like "...Night", but, FWIW, I like "Soul of Things" more. I haven't heard about "Always Let Me Go", nor can I find it at allmusic.com Where did you hear about it? Also, just in case you don't know: ECM is releasing a DVD of Jarrett's trio, I believe before Christmas - and I believe it will be the entire Tokyo concert from which excerpts were taken for "Radiance"
p.s. Wasn't "Always Let Me Go" released a few years ago. Obviously I don't have it, but I just realized it's title is very familiar to me. I believe it was one of the trios "free" recordings, a la "Inside Out".
Jfz, agree about "Soul of Things." Haunting album. Dave

Always Let Me Go is available online. If you go to allofmp3, you can give them $10 and download the whole thing as 384k files and burn them yourself with Exact Audio Copy. You save (they will only deduct $4 from the $10 and you can get more), Jarrett gets a cut, and you will have it in 30 minutes (if you have broadband internet).

If you have dial-up, then try cdnow.com or the major cd outlets. Be warned on price, for it's a double cd.


Allofmp3.com is one of many Russian websites that sell unauthorized mp3 downloads. Artists or labels do not receive any money from them. Ocassionally the Russian government shuts them down and then they pop up again with a new name.

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Here's anthoer new ECM- Marc Johnson- Shades of Jade