"The Breeze"

I received this yesterday, and I'm greatly disappointed. The pressing is of poor quality, and the music fairly uninspiring.

I've been a fan of EC for most of my adult life, and I expected better of him. And, it's only three sides!

Side one is pressed like the leadout grooves on some LP's, they waver in and out more than a quarter of an inch, throwing pitch out the window.

How much was the record?

I see my local B&M audio shop asking $30 a pop for most releases. You would expect good quality for that price but never a guarantee with records. Its old technology reborn that is probably well past its prime in terms of value and quality assurance. A lot of it seems to be about squeezing as much additional profit out of old releases as possible in today's cchallenging (to make a profit) music industry.

Until I see evidence of better results, buyer best beware.

I will stick to trying to find old good quality vinyl releases on the cheap at Goodwill, yard sales, whenever I might have the chance. THere is a lot of good sound and value to be discovered still there.
got a copy of it from Amazon which was in good condition. Yes it is only three sides I was surprised about that too. Maybe you got a bad copy, can you return it for a good one ?

Good Listening,

Three sides? Now that's something completely different! :^)

Put some bonus tracks on that fourth side, for God's sake!
I've had the CD version for a few weeks now and have
listened to it several times through.

The first few songs are pretty good, but it does indeed go
downhill from there.

I also had high expectations, but overall, I am disappointed
in the music.

I was going to get the vinyl, if I liked the CD, but I think
I've changed my mind.
I am not a huge Clapton fan on the grande scale of things, but Road to Escondido is another more recent Clapton release worth a listen.
Mapman I know you're joking on the 3 sides completely different thing.Johnny Winter "Second Winter" 1970 (?).The latest Hot Tuna "Steady As She Goes" are 3 sided.Likely plenty more that don't jump to mind.Please don't give Jack White any additional good ideas,he's had plenty already.
I guess it makes some sense in that lengths of albums originally released on vinyl in its heyday was typically 40-50 minutes or so. CDs offer 70 minutes. Newer releases straight to CD take that into account. Thats somewhere between 1.5 and 2 traditional 33 1/3 vinyl lps. So that math says 3 sides is right in teh ballpark.

For $30 a pop, a premium over CD, they could add some more useless bonus tracks in there though still. :^)
Odd man out here but I'm really enjoying it - just got the CD yesterday. Fans of JJ should check it out, cheers.
I like it. A few sleeve scuffs but pretty good sounding.
MoFi, you still get Feedbands records ? if so how you like the latest Smooth Hound Smith ? I think its the best one from Feedbands yet.

Good Listening

Peter...yes, I still have my Feedbands subscription. I haven't had a chance to listen to the new one yet. Glad to hear you like it.

Hey, I wanted to publically say how cool and fantastic it was of you to give a pair of your speakers to Eric Leefe. It's people like you that make this hobby so much more than a hobby. You are a true gentleman. Bless you sir.