"The Answer"- 4 guys from Belfast.

I was surfing through DirectTV channels this weekend and caught these guys of DirectTV concert series(101). These guys are awesome. Kind of a throwback to classic rock with some modern day flair. Cormac Neesan the lead singer has powerful vocals and great stage presence. If you get a chance give them a listen.
They were live on KLOS yesterday morning as they are in town opening for AC/DC......

WOW, I agree with you....great NEW "classic" rock!
Great to hear of some great new music. I am usually so disappointed by new bands, very derivative. That's OK if the music rocks. I loved Jet's "Get Born" album, but the next one sucked, and I won't mention more of the newer "it" rock bands the have disappointed me after recieving excellent reviews. Thanks God for iTunes and sampling songs.

Anyway, on your recommendation I will head down to the local record store and pick up their latest. Is it available on vinyl?

I am listening to right now, and would highly recommend the latest Kings Of Leon on vinyl. Love these guys.
Dont know if you can find it on youtube, but I was MESMERIZED by these guys playing "Never Too Late" on the David Letterman show.

Yes - great old school style rock and roll band.

The first thing that has really grabbed my attention in a long time....



Some will say "derivative" of Led Zeppelin (?), but hearing anything like this these days is a welcome and refreshing change.

The lead singer absolutely has some Plant mannerisms but I think of it more of it as an influence on him in this case and not a copycat(remember Kingdom Come).. As others have said it is refreshing to have something new and not just one track. The album is solid...
Woodstock has been and gone.
I'll stick with my Zep records.
I want to retract my last thread.Their music is not awful, it is just for me and my personal taste after listening to their other stuff, if others' think they are good and like them then that is what its all about. Enjoy.
Does sound like Jimmy Page though.

That was a very compassionate retraction during the holiday season.

But would it be safe to assume that you don't listen to a lot of rap music and/or havent seen MTV in the last 20 years or so?

Because if you had, you might think The Answer was the second coming, and not just a Led Zep rip off.

And despire the similarities, they somehow struck me as sincere and unpretentious, which was one of the reasons they grabbed my attention.

Lindisfarne, I wasn't looking to replace my old Led Zeppelin music either, but perhaps the rest of their music lives up to some praise, as suggested by Zigonht.