"talon" still in business?

would love any information u can provide on the staus of Talon speaker manufacturers. There is currently a pair of Talon Khorus speakers on sale at this sight for a reasonable price. i have expressed an interest in buying them, however, if there is a problem with the company and sevice is an issue i have reservations about buying.all info will be greatly appreciated as always.
I spoke with Mike Farnsworth by telephone only 4 days ago about upgrading a pair of Talon speakers I own. He has been very busy and it took a while for him to reply to my message, but says he's catching up with the backlog.

He was a most pleasant and down to earth guy. If what he's doing for me regarding my loudspeaker upgrade is any reflection of Talon's customer service, it's absolutely first rate.
I owned a pair of the original Khorus for a couple of years and had the Khorus X MkII crossovers put in. When I had the mod done, Talon provided me with the best customer service I've experienced in the music world. I haven't dealt with the company for nearly two years, so I can't say what its current status is, but if Mike is still around, I'm sure he is still taking good care of his customers.

A word of caution if you do buy a pair of Khorus - they can sound pretty awful with some upstream components. If you search the forum archive here, you should find some good recommendations on what works with these speakers and what doesn't. The crossover upgrade should also be considered since it does improve the top end. I still miss my pair ... especially their bass ... not sure anything comes close at their going rate.