"Start me up" power source advise request

I have recently returned to the stereo world, having been away for some time. I am buying used to stay within a budget and am trying to assemble, piece by piece, a system that sounds good while realizing that I will clearly be short of "audio heaven" based on my current budget ($8K total - I have spent $6500 of this budget and have $1500 left for power, interconnects, and speaker cable)

So far, I have a McCormack 225 watt SS amp, Stratus Gold i speakers, a VPI TT, a Blue Circle BC3 tube preamp, and a SS phono stage. I will also want to run my old analog tuner, and a pedestrian Philips CD player/burner (mostly for burning CD's for the car). Nothing else, no high-end digital or HT crap.

I respectfully seek some information with regard to power conditioning/surge suppresion, etc. I live in the Bay Area (CA) where there is doubtless a lot of line noise (I see it in my cable TV!). I live in a rented house so, unfortunately, a dedicated power line is really not an option at this time.

What do you all suggest for the above mentioned stuff considering the quality of the components and the 225w McCormack (25+ amperes needed?)? Someone told me to simply replace the power cable on the amp and plug it straight into the wall. Seems that no surge protection would be dangerous.(?)Doubt that my budget would withstand different power cables for components other than the amp and will have to get by on those provided for now.

My initial impression is that some kind of power conditioner w/surge for the front end (TT, Pre, phono, tuner, CD) is appropriate, but I am not sure. Also, I am not sure at all which way to go with the amp, but I am assuming it should get power from an outlet other than the power conditioner.

I would be indebted, indeed, to all who can help. My interest is especially piqued by the mention of specific and EFFECTIVE products that can be had used within the "quality vs. budget" constraints of the other "stuff" I have.
I'm a former Bay Area resident myself - grew up in San
Francisco and lived in several Peninsula Cities, as well as
having a home in Fremont. PG&E never was too good about
supplying clean power, so I understand your concern. A low
cost way to go would be to look into buying one of the new
Panamax line conditioners. I bought the new Panamax Model
5300 about a month ago, and have my entire main audio
system plugged into it. I have several AudioPrism Quiet
Line power filters plugged into most of the adjoining
AC outlets.
My mostly McIntosh system is dead silent when no music
is playing. And when I play a CD, the music starts from an
noise-free black silence. Good enough for me! By the way -
the Panamax 5300 has two outlets for high current devices
(i.e. Amps) - and two additional filter banks with four
outlets each.
The first thing I would do is have a experienced electrician inspect and change if necessary the electrical outlets to either commercial/hospital/studio grade making sure they are correctly wired up (polarity), securly fastened (no push in wires) and grounded. XLO makes a fine power cord for around $100.
(www.fatwyre.com) I would look into VansEvers power conditioners.(www.vansevers.com) In your situation, I believe I would use a power conditioner on all my equipment.
I've lived in Calif. and I can relate to power from P.G.& E.
Check out www.gcaudio.com, they sell power conditioner and a
special electrical outlet called "SIM." I would highly recommend you look into Van Den Hul D 102 III interconnects(www.hificables.co.uk) Another good product for the money are Straighwire "quartet" and "sextet" speaker wire. I hope
this helps. Bill