"Speakers" always up for sale--Poor Performers??

Whether it is on the 'GON, in newspapers or magazine classified, certain speaker "brands" seem always up for sale! I wonder if this is because when buyers take them home, they are grossly disappointed at their performance?? I realize some guys just need the money or WAF comes to bear on them. Any opinions on this often overlooked aspect of audiophilia??

It's called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). These people are never satisfied and are always obsessed with looking to the cutting edge and beyond. In my opinion, a most unsatisfying way of life!
Sunnyjim, It often means that a lot more of those speakers are around, as more people have them (for whatever reason).

In some cases where people are disappointed, poor performance doesn't mean a bad product. People buy big B&W Nautilus speakers based on the brand's reputation, then hook them up to a cheap receiver at home. They then sell off the speakers wondering why the magazines think they're so hot. It's like ording a Porsche with automatic transmission and saying "Bah, bad car."
Dear Sunny,

Please consider that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of times more B&Ws and Thiels in service, over the course of many years, than there are Egglestons and Utopias. If that's true, then the constant flow of those same speakers used would be no surprise. Maybe the numerious postings of popular high end brands would indicate a healthy market, rather than a bunch of unhappy owners.
Following up on Turnarounds comment, there are always Bryston 4B-ST amps for sale, this is because they have, and are, selling a lot of them, not because it's a bad amp. If a product is a great seller, you are going to have a bigger used market. This may not be the only reason, but one to consider.
Based on my experience here in Phoenix & watching the web,
I'd say you've probably noticed what one of my local dealers calls "flavor of the month" syndrome. A speaker or other component will get a rave review in one or two of the high end magazines. Many audiophiles will look locally & on the web for the item, buy it used & live with it until the next "latest & greatest" comes along. If the ads had the serial # posted, you could watch some items change hands several times. Even if the component is very good & the best example of that specific component some audiophile has owned, some people will roll the dice & sell what they've got to buy something they've only read about...

To many "NUTZIES" out there, myself included. Here is the saga of ONE Rosewood pair of Meridian M-10s...........

I purchased second hand out of the old Audio Mart in Crewe Va. many years ago from a Ron Williams in Nevada(I always keep ser#s of all equipment i buy) I sold to my best friend, he put in Audio mart and sold to a person in Texas, then on to Florida and then California. I lost track after that as internet replaced Audio Mart. many years passed and was surfing on E-bay and saw a Rosewood pair of M-10s, I checked with owner and lo and behold they were the same pair. Think they went for 750.00.

B&W Nautilus 805s to 801s are snapped up in a day or so, as are Aerial 10Ts, Wilson Witt, Watt and Cubs and Pro Ac response 1sc. You can't give away Meadowlark or Solioguy ????????????????????????????????????????????
I'm with 'turnaround' I once saw a person with more $ than sense who had been trying to sell his Klipschorns-they sounded 'weak' to him-sure enough, he had them in the middle of the damn room-didn't 'want' to put them into corners! Lots of speakers out there which are designed to be teamed with specific electronics, and/or specific room requirements-and people just cannot-or will not-meet those requirements. If you have something you like, stop worrying and enjoy it!
There truly are some poorly engineered products out there, and they get a good review because some manufacturer packed someones nose, or bought mucho ad space!
Dipoles for one just sometimes dont work in some rooms, no matter what.
Another mistake is buying too big a speaker for ones room.
Think about it, a person buying a huge speaker, probably has a huge room, and the speaker is voiced as such.
Nothing quite like BRIGHTNESS to make you want to bail out on a speaker!
I llike the response on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that really hits the nail on the head!
if you follow all my posts in the last month you'll find my HONEST OPINIONS on just this critical subject..but just to sum up ..there is alot of hype going on about speakers..speakers ARE THE critical component...makes or breaks a system...i can name you 5 tube amps that will be a good investment.. i can name 3 ss amps woth buying..i could name 5 digital trans dac's and CD players that i can honestly recommend..but i cannot tell you even 1 speaker to buy with any confidence..sorry to step on toes..like TWL says let the fur fly...