"small profile" Center Channel

Looking for a great Center Channel Speaker for my HT setup but it needs to have a relatively small footprint. I'm limited in height to 7" maximum and the really length isn't an issue. I'm using in wall fronts and surrounds so perfect matching isn't really going to be critical here. This is for our Family Room HT, Gaming, Party Music, etc... a good quality, great sounding Center in a small package ??? ....I have an extra channel avail for bridging if that will help as well. Your opinions & recommendations are very much appreciated
I had the exact same situation, no room for center channel and in wall (B&W) speakers for HT. I settled on Dali IKONĀ® Vokal 2, here is a photo of it in my system thread.


It's less than 6" high and has two 5" woofers, a soft midrange and ribbon tweeter. Good sound and easy to drive.
I was using a B&W M-1 surround sound speaker as my first center channel due to space limitations. It can be turned sideways on its pedestal which should come to just about 7" in overall height. Souond was decent for dialog but it produces very little bass. For voice, it's fine. I since upgraded to the B&W HTM61 cc because I purchased a 32" LCD flat screen TV and was able to place the TV directly on top of the HTM61. My older TV was a conventional heavy JVC picture tube unit.
Other recommendations notwithstanding, you need to get a center channel that is timbre-matched to the L/R speakers that you now have. That usually means from the same manufacturer and from the same line. Anything else will create changes as sounds are panned across the screen.

You should look at the Bose Life Style cubes. Bose sells the most speakers and I think they go good with different systems
Heh Heh. Always get a giggle when the "B" word makes an appearance.

Well, thinking outside the cube and since matching isn't a priority maybe a single Gallo A'Diva ball will be sufficient. Given its design and likely good dispersion charateristics it might do very well at presenting consistent sound across a wide area, which is likely a good feature in a family room situation. Best of luck.
Yeah, a Gala Ball. That's what I meant.

Personally I think Gallo would sell more speakers to house-wives and such, if they changed their marketing slogan to "Every pretty girl deserves to go to a Ball"? (JC,2008) - lol