"Small Form Factor" OK For Media Server?

As shopping for a new PC for hard drive based music and movies continues to bore and frustrate me, I am thinking about finally striking out and attempting to build one on my own.

True to my audiophile roots, I am concerned not only about the performance, but also the quality and appearance of the chassis.

I found this case, which wouldn't stick out too badly next to my audio gear, but I would appreciate any advice from more sophisticated PC users:


Would the smaller size of this case make it difficult to incorporate the latest components I might want for a media server?

Thanks for any ideas on cases or any other aspect of DIY media servers and their design and components
Check out the forums at Silentpcreview.com. They'll be able to give you info on cases, power supplies, even which fans to use for the least amount of noise.

That said, you could definitely make a media center work within that space, especially with the airflow design that it appears to ahve.
They are a German company that really gets it. They build absolutely gorgeous, sleek computers that are virtually silent. The aesthetic rivals the best industrial design in the hi-fi business. They have models designed specifically as media servers.