"Reference" SS vs"Reference" Tube

What is the difference in a Tube "Reference" amp,and a solid state "Reference" amp? Shouldn't they both sound the same if they where true "References"? The "perfect" sound doesn't make exceptions for transistor's nor tubes.Solid state sound's clinical,than tubes sound warm and fuzzy.My point is neither is perfect we just have to pick the type of color we like added to our music and be happy.
Audiophile36 Everyone has different preferences in thier music, so the things I think sound great might sound lousy to another listener.

The person who loves the sound of a violin might love one system, or pair of speakers, when the person who is a drummer might despise the sound of the same system, because it does not reproduce the drums accurately. Listener #1 might say system 2 sounds good, but the midrange is not quite as _________(fill in the superlative) as it should be!

See if you can find J. Gordon Holt's article; "Why Hifi Experts Disagree." It is very insightful.

Neither system is wrong, people have different priorities. So far I have found that only my system is right. In part due to the racoon!
I wondered that too, notes stereophile's separate categories for Class A power amplifiers. It seems backwards to me. I would think class B, C, and D glass and sand amps would sound more different than Class A ones. But they only separate the Class A ones. Maybe it's just you and me Nrchy.