It may have been done before. If so, please let me know.

So often we are told by a friend about a band, tune, recording that is great…..
We come home with the Disc/Record and enjoy, but few people find out.
There have been many threads here about “recordings to die for” etc..

How about one for new tunes?

To be a bit more detailed about the spirit of my request:
I think everyone knows when Sting releases his new record.
But what about great tunes that the average person would not know about?
If we could share this information in the following format, it might be helpful.

Live recordings of Bruce and company. Very good live recording, including a couple of Grateful Dead covers. Rock-oriented mix, with a “jam-band” flavor.

If it was kept similar to the format above, as time goes on, the thread could be used as a quick reference for people in search of new tunes.

I would love to hear any suggestions.

What have you found recently worthy of mention?
Hi, Gumby:

I like your suggestion. I've made posts from time-to-time about
recordings of merit, but there has been no consistently timed method on this forum to share this info with other.

So, I'll throw out my suggestion for the blues "recording of the week": Etta James and the Roots Band, "Burnin' Down The House". Etta is getting along in years, but she can still sing the blues with the best of them. This live recording has very good sound quality, and Etta is obviously having a good time with the audience. Definitely recommended for the blues fans.
Jacintha "Autumn Leaves"-- the music of Johnny Mercer. This is an XRCD2 by FIM and is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard besides being an audiophile quality recording. It has many beautiful ballads. It's the best CD I've ever heard in my system.

I would also nominate Alison Krauss' "Forget About It" CD. This CD is a departure from her usual bluegrass music and is pretty much country/western in character-- many beautiful ballads and very well recorded.

And a fairly new artist, Allison Moorer's "Alabama Song" is also C/W in character, but beautiful music and also very well recorded. And BTW, I was introduced to Jacintha and A. Moorer in 2002 by A'Gon member Rivercitylad, and to AK by A'Gon member Eagle. Thanks again guys.
I nominate Brian Bromberg's CD "Wood". Outstanding acoustic bass playing along with piano and drums including solos, duos, and trios.

Audiophile quality recording all the way. One of the best sounding acoustic jazz CD's I've heard in a while.

If you love acoustic jazz you won't go wrong with this album.

Good Listening!

Jazz Jamaica All Stars' ''Massive '' . interesting blend of big band jazz and reggae. uplifting music to soothe our frazzled nerves at the end of a lousy day at work.
sound quality ok.

enjoy !
My current favorites are Live at Blues Alley by Eva Cassidy (listen for sharp cymbals and huge bass, as well as female vocal) and Tourist by St. Germain (edgy but listenable techno-jazz not for everyone). I'm bringing them to the Stereophile NY show.
How about that little band from Manchester, England - Gomez. Their new piece of plastic, In Our Gun, deserves a bit of your time for a listen. They throw out a bit rega, a mix of hip hop, a few slow ballads, and sometimes they even seem to add touches of metal to a well done CD. Man, they can make a lot of noise sound musical on their first track Shot Shot.

Just took a shot.
I will throw Jay Webber's new CD into the mix, 'I Can See'. Jay is a Nothern Michigan small town singer/songwriter, which admittedly is more 'campfire' music than anything else (at least I have witnessed this more than once, and he's really good at it), but he has a wonderful voice and unique pickin' style. His first recording 'Innocent Child' is quite good as well.

You can download a couple of mp3's to check him out, at www.jaywebber.com.

Check him out!
I know this is not place but perhaps there are 1 or 2 more wonderers like myself -- A couple of new CDs, one is called "Verve Remixed" and the other "Sounds from Verve hi-fi". These are new "clubsy" remixes of old masters (ie: N Simone, B Holiday, S Horn, E Fitzgerald, D Washington etc etc) done by the big boys of "downtempo" and "lounge" grooves such as Theivery Corp, Richard Dorfmeister and the like. Check them out if interested, I intend to.
GREAT thread! Thanks Gumby! Let's keep this one going.

I nominate the remastered and rereleased double CD "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," featuring the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Mother Maybelle Carter, Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and many others. This super-session, now nearly 30 years old, is an absolute must for all of those who have latched onto bluegrass via Alison Krauss or the "O Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack. The songs are timeless, the performances remarkable, and the banter priceless. Best of all, the remaster is utterly unbelievable--this thing sounds as if it were recorded last night! "O Brother" is a fun record, but this is the real deal.
So it's been a few days, and I really hope this thread keeps a head of steam to it...

I have checked out a few of the suggestions above, and whereas none gave me those tingles everyone here is sure to know, I am always glad to check out new stuff.

To keep it goin, I am going to submit another artist to this thread (it IS Monday after all...new week right???)

Check out Jack Williams' "Eternity And Main". Jack is also a singer/songwriter, but from the South. This man has some SERIOUS soul, and his pickin is UNPARALELLED. You can also check out "Across The Winterline". His first release, "Dreams Of The Songdog" is also good, but a bit more 'commercial' sounding IMO.

You can listen to a few of Jack's cuts using Real Audio at:

Just interested if anyone checked out/enjoyed the Jay Webber suggestion...if not, there are other genre's I can suggest.

A friend turned me onto "carnet de routes" "suite africaine" Just when I was starting to give up on Jazz (nice that the young lions seem to respect thier elders, but am I missing thier contribution?) Rather than Africans amongst Europeans, it's Europeans amongst Africans. Damned if I can tell the difference. Quality music, quailty recording. LABEL Bleu, HDCD, harmonia mundi DISTRIBUTION.
Hmmm, I am totally hooked on the new Nickel Creek CD. Well, sorta new ;>)
I checked out that Jay link, thanks. Cool stuff!

I would love to see this list maintain some steam.

The Diana Krall stuff is well done. Not my style, but well done for sure. Thanks for the suggestions :>)
" This Side Up". Good to possibly very good recording, stellar playing and beautiful compositions.
My current favorite for late night listening is Leonard Cohen's "Ten New Songs". Cohen's low,gravelly voice blends great with his back-up vocalist. Add the vocals to the slow melodies and you have a very relaxing, almost hipnotioc, recording. This cd is very well recorded.

Anybody hear about the new BB King sessions?
I heard a conversation about it, but cant seem to find it.
the rock/jazz band "Ringsend" released their new CD "Sunday Brunch at the Gentleman's club" the last week in January. I am posting this a few weeks late, but I love this band. See "Ringsendmusic.com" --JB