"Picking On" tribute albums

I have a "Picking On the Rolling Stones" CD that is awsome. I've seen a couple of others out there for different artists as well. I've Googled around looking for the muscicians site but cannot come up with it. Are all these done by one group/artist, or are they different? Anyone have a list or website that lists all the artists they have "picked on"? I'd love to get a couple more.
Thanks in advance, John
go to the label site...there are lots more
Paint It Blue: Songs of the Rolling Stones has an awesome version of Honky Tonk by Taj Mahal - very well recorded. I recommend this highly. On a good system this song is highly impressive. Anyone who was impressed by Mighty Sam McClain CD's will enjoy this - it is raw and real and without all the schmultz on the Mighty Sam recordings.
Thanks Jaybo, found it by the label title as you said.
You aint kiddin' there is alot of them.
"Picking on Springsteen" was extremely lame. I bought it as a birthday gift for a friend who is a Bruce nut, and it was hard for him to tell which song they were playing (or "picking," I suppose).
"Picking on Wilco" is worth buying.
What's the website guys (and Elizabeth)?

CMH Records
I second Shadorne, "Paint it Blue" is a very enjoyable disc with memorable performances.
back about 15 years ago or so my sister bought an album of jethro tull tunes done by the london symphony orchestra and had a few tracks on it that i liked.
There are quite a few oters that caught my eye (ear).
Surfin Xmas might be interesting. Anything has got to spruce up those old clapped xmas tunes.