"Phono" Cable - Necessary if you have RCA outs?

I have a VPI Aries/JMW 10.5 tonearm, which has RCA outs. I am using a .5 meter Kimber Silver Streak to connect to my CAT preamp. It seems to do OK, but my question is: are there any advantages to using a cable marketed as a "phono" cable, vs. using a standard set of interconnects? I see that most phono cables have the DIN connection, which I don't need, but some are also RCA at both ends. Any thoughts/experiences?
Its just terminology, as far as I remember. RCAs at one point were often called phono jacks/plugs. Specialized cables that use DIN to RCA are sometimes called "phono" cables because many tonearms with changeable interconnects use a DIN at the tone arm end. Whether or not an IC is good for your tonearm-pre connection is a matter to do with system synergy, not terminology, as long as you can make the right connections.
Agree, just terminology. Interconnect, Interlink, phono cable, patch cord, yada yada.
XLO, Purist and a few others make and market special phonocables to go from your arm to your pre-pre or preamp.
Usually they are expensive, but worth your while if you own a very high resolution vinyl system. In fact, there they are a must. I don't know what your system is, but if you're curious and live in the States, try to borrow a pair from the Cable Company and find out for yourself. (www.fatwyre.com)
I think the key word here is market. If you believe that the megabuck ICs offer good value, then you'll want a megabuck "phono" cable. I have no idea if they are worthwhile.
I also have a VPI Aries with the JMW Tonearm, I have used innerconnects and phono cables(Kimber KCAG and Hoveland) and found a sonic improvement with both phono cables(not day and night but better detail) Phono cables also have a ground wire to prevent hum if that is a problem, of course with the JMW arm you use another wire for ground. Phono cable makers tell you that you need a different cable for the phono because of the lower level signal coming from the cartridge. I don't know if that is true or not but in my system I did hear an improvement with a quality phono cable.Good luck.
I have VPI Aries with JMW. Tried Cardas Golden Cross, Audiotruth Diamond 2X and Audiotruth Extreme. I like the Extreme the best.

I usually make my own cables and have found that a lighter gage cable, 22 to 24, works well for my phono. The signal is lower in level than your normal line level and I believe that the higher gage is friendlier to the signal.

That being said, most cable manufactures have this in mind when they manufacture their phono cables. They "are" specific to the needs of the phono level. Also, they may do some special sheilding, since phono levels are more prone to EMI and RF.

However, if you are having no problem with the unshielded Kimber and you enjoy the sound I would stick with it.

Just make sure you have your table grounded.