"Peter Gunn" by Mancini: ?other jazz style albums

Just got a minty "Peter Gunn" (for $0.18 MONO LP).
I like it.
Are there any other LPs are by Henry Mancini which have a heavy 'jazz' direction?
I have heard other music composed by Mancini, but it is too mainstream orchestral pop to be as interesting as "peter Gunn".
I think there is a second volume of Peter Gunn (maybe more). Also try "Mr. Lucky" which is Mancini's music for another TV show in the same genre. Then there is his music for the "Pink Panther" series of movies. These are also great and have some cuts that are impossible to listen to without smiling. Enjoy!
El, pretty much covered it.

PG More of (think that's it)
PP Return of
PP Strikes again (may be more to the series)
Mr Lucky

I also like (probably too mainstream for your taste):

Breakfast @ Tiffany's
Mouse Detective (on CD, might be cartoon music).
Mancini did a great job on "The Blues and The Beat"
RCA Living Stereo release LSP-2147. Sounds real good
On the " UltraLounge" label I have "The Crime Scene, spies, thighs and private eyes". It has "Dragnet,I Spy, From Russia with Love,Mission Impossible, Man with the Golder Arm, The Untouchables amd The PeterGun suite" . The recordings are generally by the composers ie Elmer Bernstien, Ray Anthony, Nelson Riddle and the sound is great. Stop by "hollywoodandvine.com" on the left side under "select channel" select "the ultra-lounge"

Interesting, I'm not familar with "Ultralounge" (think that I did hear about it in the past year, but forgot to check it out). Sounds like something I might enjoy as I like older funky-square music as well as contemporary remakes of the same.


As you seem to get a kick out of this side of Mancini you might start a thread on similar/like music (tons of it out there). I have collected a bit of this type through trial and error, but as I am not good with names I would have to sort through our CD's/LP's in order to contribute.

One thing that comes to mind (you probably already have it) it the sound track to "Casino Royale". Not a difficult item to find if you frequent the thrifts.

Just today I picked up a copy of "Porgy and Bess" in which Mel Torme does Porgy and Francis Faye does Bess (1975 3 LP set on Bethlehem). I'm champing @ the bit to listen to it, but as my wife is suffering from P&B overload (100% my fault) I'll wait until she is either sound asleep or away from the home before I give it a spin.
As a teen, Mancini seemed like the lamest brand of cheese, but he wrote some great stuff that is stuck in pretty much everyone's memory bank. The Oranj Symphonette "Plays Mancini" disc is excellent, but maybe a little twisted for older Mancini fans (the 2nd O.S. disc is also highly deluxe). You might also like Tony Coe's "Mostly Mancini" disc. The "Crime Jazz" compilation discs on Rhino are alot of fun (I think there are only two out). You may also hit paydirt by checking out some Nino Rota, Clubfoot Orchestra and some of John Zorn's soundtrack discs.
Funny, I have the same reaction. Peter Gunn is brash and interesting. From then on, the Mancini stuff is fluff! The only other recording in my collection that reminds me of the same exuberant, youthful spirit, is the sound track from the Cotton Club.
If you liked "Peter Gunn", you'll love "More Music from Peter Gunn". They were big sellers in the late 50's as they made "Jazz" safe for the suburbs. No improvs or drum solos; just a nice Hollywood version of the West Coast "Cool" sound. Coffee anyone?

Another artist you may enjoy is George Shearing who developed the piano,guitar and vibes playing in unison "cocktail music". This kinda stuff can be heard in any "fancy restaurant" scene in films or T.V. shows from the 50's or 60's. That is unless a Bossa Nova wasn't scored.

And WOW! 18 cents for a mint mono!?! Man, that's living!
Yes, George shearing is a good rec. and also perhaps Michael Legrand (sp).

Not certain if this is available on LP, but "Malcom McLaren Paris" is one of my favortites (2 CD set). As to which category most of the music fits into I don't know, so I'll just call it Industrial/Beat Jazz.

Maybe too square for many, but I also enjoy live (not studio so much) recordings of Bobby Short (sp).
I wish I still had my old albums. I now have the "More Music from Peter Gunn" CD which includes the Peter Gunn theme and some cuts from "Mr. Lucky". I much prefer his original version of the main theme to the Ray Anthony version that you hear on the radio occassionally. Each cut was the theme for a particular character or mood in the TV show. It was very revolutionary for TV music.
Part of the fun is the band. Vince DeRosa on horn!!! It reminds me of the time I got to sit in on a Stan Kenton rehearsal when he was using some of the same musicians.
It would be fun to see re-runs of the original show, too.
Pink Panther is the other jazz. PG is punchier but shorter. Panther has extention and finesse.
"Touch of Evil" is even better. These were scores for film and TV. In the late 50s jazz ("jazz") got to be a thing in Hollywood. The most exciting was Elmer Bernstein's scores for "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "Sweet Smell of Success". Quite often local West Coast musicians like Shelly Mann, Shorty Rogers, Chico Hamilton, etc. were hired to assist, often appearing in the films. There is a compilation of a lot of this stuff called "Crime Jazz". Some of it is fun.