"...Pet Free..."

Why do people think that this phrase adds value to their listed component? I can't remember that last time my dogs peed on or chewed up any of my components.
I think the main points about a pet free environment is that there is no pet dander or shedding hair floating around in a home and landing in component cooling vents, getting snagged in grillcloths and possibly giving a pair of speakers a fragrance of animal. Thats my take on it.
It is the same rational that 75% of the gear listed on this site has had "light" or "limited" use.
well i can see where some buyer's get freaked out about pet's,i have seen quite a few pic's of gear where the seller thought it would be a good idea to take pic's of the gear he was selling with a cat laying on top of it :(

i think they also believe that we all let our animal's run amock & piss & fart all over our gear,my pooch wont even walk within 5 feet of any of my gear.
Cats like warm spots. I had to train my cat to stay off my Levinson 33's and 33H's. Cat dander can easily get through cooling vents in anything a cat may lay on.

For me, I cover all my components when not in use, this aids in cleaning, and prevents dust buildup inside. An easy habit to get into, and really helps keep the componients looking like new.


Paul :-)
Bigjoe - too funny!!! Yes, now that everyone metions it, I have read multiple posts about kitty's snuggling up to equipment. Beemer, I'm like you. I keep my equipment in my office with a lock on the door. I have too <4 yr boys and two dogs. I just want to keep my equipment safe from EVERYONE - my wife, my nieces and nephews, baby sitters, etc.

Has anyone had any experience with a pet ruining a piece of equipment? I'll bet there's some funny stories there.
I remember reading recently in an Audiogon thread where an owner's male dog lifted his leg on his tube amp. I can't remember if anything happened to the dog, but the amp suffered a fried board.
i read a post a while back where some one's cat puked on their preamp & it sounded better after the cat ralphed on it,what was even better was that another guy(i think jax)was squeezin his cat trying to get it to puke on his preamp for the tweek!
what was even better was that another guy(i think jax)was squeezin his cat trying to get it to puke on his preamp for the tweek!

Hey, no cats in this house to yak on my pre! Diesel would love to 'squeeze one out' if he could only get his paws on one. He's tried his best to get a hold of the neighbor's cat. He once came mighty close (I still got the burns on the palms of my hand from that leather leash breaking free)...cat was 60 feet up an evergreen and didn't come down for three days. OK, I tried to get him down at risk to life and limb, but he kept climbing higher. I should've taken a picture that night of the cat in the tree against the setting sun like he was waiting for his owl companion. Diesel has no interest in my gear either, but isn't above letting Mr. Stinky rip in the same room. Didn't occur to me as anything I should mention in my ads though. Does that mean human farts should be noted as well?

Ok marco's off the hook for the cat squeezin episode but does anybody remember who it was where their cat spewed on their preamp?

Marco,if your 'Diesel' fart's anything like my 'aryan' you need a gas mask just to sit in the same room with him,there's nothing worse than kickin back for an evening of music,layin back,closin your eye's,then it hit's!

You stupid ass dog,beat it!
Hey marco, Long time no see!

Yeah, i got 4 dogs running around my house, they couldnt care less about my audio gear. Which is good or i'd cut thier paws off and make some isolation feet.
I would think a dog liftin his leg or a cat sprayin on any amp would kinda give it the preferred "liquid" sound ??

It's Slappy, I can't believe it !
Marco? Slappy? Is that you? Yippee... We have humor again...the seriousness has almost killed me since you've been gone. Welcome back.
Salppy's back !@#$%^&

Oops- gotta run- my dog's humping my tube amp!
I have long suspected our dogs of partying while my wife and I are at work. The dogs are often left outside, but not always. On one occasion after they had been in the house all day, I came home to find Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London on repeat. Oh well, I guess I am going to have to provide a "possibly used by pets" disclaimer and offer a discount next time I sell gear. Now if they would just stop sleeping in the listening chair and drinking my beer.....
Started with speakers, mostly panel speakers, and cats. The whole dander thing is laughable!
Gee, I thought they were giving away a kitten with each purchase.
Ok, if "pet free" is not that big a deal--what about "smoke free"?

So far, I have bought 2 pair of used speakers that smelled of smoke. Guess I should have learned my lesson from the first, and asked the second seller if the speakers stank like a pool hall.

The smell does fade away, but geez, can't there be a standard as part of the rating system?
My dog smokes.
Let me guess, your dog's name is "Smokey".
No, phlegm.
Bought a pre once loaded with cat fur, even stuck all over the rubber footers...Nice.