"Perfect Match" McIntosh Tubes - Speaker ?

I have just purchased a McIntosh tube amp MC 2102 and and Pre Amp C 2200. My room is 15 x 20 and a fireplace sits between where the two speakers are positioned. I enjoy all types of music with a preference to Jazz, R&B and Rock. Can you share your speaker recommendation for this combo (or similar tube combo). I have been given some of the following suggestions:
1. Kplisch
2. Sonus Faber
3. Spendor
Please feel free to share your thoughts about the above speakers OR any other speaker suggestions. Your assistance will help me in my future listening experience. I will let all know of my future listening experience and the final choice. Thank you
Wasn't this same question asked yesterday?
The Klipschorn was my answer then and now. It's 104db sensitivity rating will wake up your room with that McIntosh amp. They are very dynamic speakers and will give you that live or real sound. The way the bass horn is designed it's like sitting in the mouth of the horn.
A good used pair will run you about $2,500.00 to $3,500.00
depending on wood, style, network, and year. The 2004 models have a newer higher quality network design that improves the midrange and tweeter sound. There are also some good mods that can de done to these speakers. New your looking at about $7,000.00.

You will need two good corners to put them in, or make false
corners. If your not into that then you can use the LaScala.
Check out the entire line of TRIANGLE's. I am very happy with an old set of Titus's on stands, but the Celius floor standers,both old and new should be most excellant.
My Mc275CE loves the Tannoy ;-) Turnberry, D700 (92-93 dB)
and a pair of Martin Logan Sequel II (89dB)

The Mc2102 have plenty of power, compared to the Mc275.
Happy listening !
If you like Magnepan speakers for your (non-rock) choice in music, I've found that the 3.6 model works quite well with the 2200/2102 combo. Admittedly, tho', rock is not what I listen to. Have fun.