"only one shot"

Now, the time has come.. The day I’ll decide what amp I should go for.(Money already…)

Please everyone.. I promise this is gonna be the last question “what should I buy” from me. I need more opinion for this think .. I have only “one shot” to go.

Final candidates.

-Jeff Rowland Model 112
-Belles 350 A
-Audio research VT100 MKIII
-BAT VK-200 (have to use adaptor for RCA to XLR…getting poor sound?)
-McIntosh MC252

90% LP.. 90% Jazz… Run with Music Hall MMF9 + grodo Statement and Audio research SP9 MKIII + Proac 1SC
The last set for my life before I’ll keep money to build the house….hahha

Please me
If I were you I'd dump the SP9 and get the Audio Research integrated amp (the current version or the original CA50). You can then match it with any number of stand alone phono preamps and get better sound than what you're contemplating. Then again, you can't go wrong with the VT100 either.

Good luck!
you can stick with audio research components, but I'd still convert them all to the balanced versions. I just wonder why not SP9 balanced...?
mac seems to be another great choice of yours(that probably also has balanced inputs).

the simplier solution is to run electronic balanced line converter with balanced amp. this component is available from mac and few other pro brands. check with pro-music or audio store that may have such ones with tubes or transistors depending on your choice.
AR VT-100 MII over the MKIII. The other amps don't really compete IMO.

Happy Listening.
Sad, but ture.. SP9 Mk III no balanced ( I wish it should has too)
Thank you for all opinions....
BAT vk200
Go for the ARC......... No doubt about it.
If your ever going to get the most out of your LPs it will take an upgrade of your analog front end. I've owned a MMF-9 and it is a nice TT; but if you listen to 90% vinyl, a serious TT and arm is in order. Back in the analog only day I used to recommend to my friends that they spend at least half the purchase price on the front end. Most would ignore this advice and buy expensive speakers and a big amp with little left for a TT and cart. Then they would wonder why their system didn't sound as good as they thought it should. An amp and speakers will only sound as good as what is fed into them.