"Not paypal"

We as a community should consider adding wepay as a standard billing option. Only my personal opinion but paypal remains one of my all time least favorite companies. I go to great lengths to avoid giving them $0.01 ever. I am happy to see convenient contemporary alternatives like wepay emerging and encourage everyone to consider it. Haha STRONGLY encourage when it comes to me otherwise it will be a cashiers check or wire transfer...

Just fyi I am a doc and have no financial interest in wepay. -j
The best pay option is: cash on pickup. 'cashiers checks' are a favorite of the Nigeria lot. Clearance can take over sixty days. Check with your bank before deposit and give the bank that it is drawn on. Pre clearance is a must.
How does Wepay differ from Paypal which I absolutely positively without a doubt will not use ?

I think Paypal is great! I like hassle free transactions. It's better than some deadbeat telling me the check is in the mail and it never shows up! As the old saying goes, "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush!"
"The best pay option is cash on pickup."

Yeah, I remember an $8000 cash transaction buying a pair of monoblocks packed in boxes from a total stranger in a distant town. At least it was in broad daylight and thankfully the amps were good.
The only problem I've ever had with paypal is that their fees are too high. It's pretty safe as long as you aren't shipping overseas where customs staff can be ripoffs.
Paypal is OK (expensive, but OK) if things go well. However, they are worthless if you have a dispute. There is also a Paypal check service which is much less expensive, but takes several days; I have used it on occasion.
Years ago before Paypal I think it was Billpay (still get statements) for Ebay.
Then came along Paypal prices were great all around then Ebay bought Paypal and now both payment services are the same. So I think if a new company starts making waves by getting most of the purchasing transactions, Ebay will buy them and over time make them the same also. Greedy company IMHO but that's how it gos.
GSM18439 Paypal will help the buyer in a dispute, because they have to if you use your credit card tied to a small seperate bank account. The buyer gets paid back thru a chargeback.
Paypal fees are much too high but that's ok for now, it will spur competition which will make options better in the future for all.
"Paypal fees are much too high but that's ok for now, it will spur competition which will make options better in the future for all."

I hope this happens to Time Warner Cable, I'm ready to pull the plug on their ass.
There is always consumer backlash when it is perceived that a business that has little competition is charging too much for goods or services, human nature. But in the wings there is always someone dreaming of building a better mousetrap whether it is driven by altruism ;^) or greed, the true benefit of how capitalism works in a free society. Paypal must remain paranoid in order to stay on top. If greed and complacency becomes the overiding consideration in their business model, they will assuredly be superceded by a better model, easier to use and cheaper. In that way we all benefit, so keep the faith, a 3.5% fee on a sales transaction will not last forever and I'm sure they are aware of it. What they may not consider to the extent that they might is that folks will readily use a different service if it cost the same or close if it is perceived Paypal has alienated them personally by being too "greedy" as is seen by some of the comments in this thread. The best option including price and convenience for the end user will ALWAYS prevail.
You would be shocked how much trouble large amounts of cash can cause. The Feds assume it's a drug deal.
IME, all of these 'services' are a scam. How did we pay each other prior to the net?

Paypal is both a blessing and a curse for us who live outside U.S. As Buyers, Paypal offers a very secure and fast, no-hazzle way of paying an item, preferably sold in USA. I just add 4% and worry about nothing.
On the other hand, as an international Seller, I cannot offer Paypal, since I do not have an american Bank Account. That is the only way to collect cash for my sold items. And If I do not offer Paypal as a valid payment method , my chances of ever selling even an old plastic TV remote control to an overseas buyer are slim, if none at all ! It is a real conundrum !