"Normal" Maintenance?

Outside of the obvious things, like tube replacement, or general TT maintenance, are there things you'd expect to have to do to "maintain" equipment as it gets older? If so, what types of things and to what type of components?

I'm not somebody who has a deep understanding of how electronics physically work, so my assumption is that my purchase of, say, an expensive amp should warrant many, many years (decades?) of maintenance free service, and I never think about needing to have it maintained. Curious if anybody has a different view.
tube gear maintance to make sure that the sockets that you place your tubes in are clean and free of corrosion. Also cleaning and polishing chrome and watching for pitting and polishing wood speaker cabinets with a good wax will keep them from cracking and drying out. Never stack gear on top of one another make sure all gear is out of direct sunlight. Software is protected from moisture such as lps. Dusting with an air compressed canister can keep the inside of amps amd preamps much cooler when running. If you have pets clean more often keeping cats away from speaker grills and with hot tubes cages would be a must to protect them and children along with your pets. Cleaning tuners inside and keeping them dry from moisture and if they are enclosed in a wood case keep it polished. Speaker post and rca plugs tighten and clean them so they are tarnished free. I am sure there are much more to do so I will leave that to another.
Great answer and advice from Schipo. I would like to add...making sure speaker driver screws are tight and keep an eye on the foam surrounds. Capacitors in amplifiers are usually the first passive devices to go bye-bye, usually after about 20 years.
Best thing you can do is dust a couple times a week..Keep the dust from getting in..If you can keep them covered thats even better.....