"Nightfly Trilogy" worth the trouble?


I'm a major Steely Dan/Donald Fagen fan. I have Nightfly on vinyl and standard CD, Kamakiriad on vinyl, and Morph on vinyl and CD.

With all of this, is it worth it, sonically or otherwise, to pick up the "Trilogy" package?

Also, I've just added a Musical Fidelity M1DAC and a MF V-Link USB-to-SPDIF converter to my rig, so I can upgrade my CD player and output music from my MacBook Pro to my rig. But can I also play DVD-A discs from my laptop?

Thank you!!
IMO its just another money grab, its getting out of hand anymore, ever since the Pods changed album purchases its either concert or reissue if old media for artists to cash in on.
There is a "10 Extras" disk as part of that package which are not to be missed if you are a true fan...as I am. You'll enjoy it.
Chadnliz and Truman: Well, there you have two contrasting opinions for sure.
I have all 3 albums and won't be spending $50+ for 10 extra songs and a bit of talking.

My point exactly.
Same here, but the SACD of Nightfly is definitely worth buying even if you have it on redbook.
The Trilogy has hi-rez PCM (24/96 and 24/48) versions, DVD material and bonus tracks. If you're a fan, it's a no-brainer.

People with $10k plus systems shouldn't quibble over the costs of a few CDs.
People with an album shouldnt quibble over getting a duplicate either.
I agree completely. If you already have the interactive DVD and the hi-rez digital versions plus the bonus tracks, then why buy the box set? Also, quibbling about quibbling is still quibbling about the cost of a few CDs.
Why get a duplicate performance when there is so much music to explore is my point.