"New" Tannoy System 12s

I just bought a used pair of System 12 Mk. 1s.

I have 3 burning questions:

1. Does anyone know where I could find a manual?

2. Also, apparently I need help in how to bi-wire these guys.

3. My amp (really a surround sound receiver) is rated at 110 watts RMS/channel. Some folks have told me that I will not enjoy a balanced frequency response until I invest in a more powerful amp (250-400 watt). Their contention is that my puny amp will have issues moving that big heavy magnet, and the low end will suffer as a result. Any thoughts on this theory?

Thanks (in advance) for all comments!!
Why did you buy them ?
I'm far from an expert, but I can tell you not all "watts" are created equal. Secondly, a receiver is a compromise. (As one salesperson I talked w/ a very long ago called them "toasters".) You're not going to the best out or know what your Tannoy's are really capable of w/ a rec. I hope you don't end up on the Audiophile merry-go-around. But an amp will lead to other things...
I don't know about your particular model, but most Tannoy DC drivers are at least rated at 90db sensitvity. My 1975 vintage 12" HPD's (though they are in custom cabs with custom crossovers), are driven beautifully by a VAC EL 34 tube amp at 35 Wpc. Even my Sophia Electric Baby amp, at 10Wpc, plays very nicely, at fairly high volume.

For tons of info and support, go to Hans Hilberink's Tannoy site(just Google it)

Sensitivity: 96dB/2.83V/M
Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended power: 50 to 300 watts RMS
Weight: 57 lbs
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To Thegrabber1:

I am like you, judging from your thread about Schubert, a classical music lover. I have a large collection of LPs (ca. 2000) and CDs (ca. 1000), 95% classical.

I am a true devotee of Tannoy dual concentric technology. I love how the true timbre of each instrument is so accurately reproduced, with no peaks for *easy on the ear listening*.

I have "moved up" over the years, beginning with a Tannoy System 6 (+ sub), to a DC 1000 (+ sub). I spend years directing original music in local recording studios, and the monitor I ALWAYS was most impressed with was the Tannoy System 10.

I have always been bothered by the ability to "dial up" the most pleasing base level on a source by source basis. I want to explore using speakers that reproduce music full-range - without the need of a sub. I see it as a matter of sound integrity. From what I've read, I targeted System 10s and System 12s as good candidates in this quest.

So far, these speakers are not reproducing my orchestral recordings as I hoped they would, that is, full-range. I listen to mainly Mahler, Bartok, Mozart, Brahms & lots of chamber works, largely instrumental (my instrument is the trumpet)

Does this completely answer your question?

Thanks to islandmandan for reminding me of Hans Hilberink's site. I was able to find a manual there.

Here's the bottom line (quoting the manual):

"For best results in dynamic range, an amplifier of not less than 100 watts per channel should be used on System 2, 8 and 10 and 200 watts per channel for System 12, 15 and 215."

I need a new amp!
I have the "OLD" DMT10 Mk2 speakers which I *think* belong to the same family of speakers as your "New" System 12 except that they are from the older generation (which are less hi-fi sounding & more neutral across the audio range).
I am driving the DMT10 Mk2 with a vintage Yamaha amp which is 120W/ch in class-AB mode & only 30W/ch in pure class-A mode. The DMT10 Mk2 are 94W/2.83V/m & a near-flat 8 Ohm load hence very easy to drive by the vintage Yamaha amp.
In class-A mode with 30W/ch, I feel that the amp drives the speakers quite well & I have plenty of volume for my room (16' X 16' X 10'+). I have very modest requirements for this particular system - is that why I'm satisfied?? Don't know??
Like you, I very much like the sound of these DMT10 Mk2 speakers. They are studio monitors without actually sounding like one. I can see why this model & the DMT12 Mk2 were the mainstay of many recording studios.

Yes, one must not be fooled by (or lulled by) the high sensitivity of these speakers in thinking that a low wattage amp will suffice. Yes, you will get sound but the dynamics might suffer.
OTOH, my recommendation would be to not take the words in the manual at face value & dump your amp right away. Listen keenly to the sonics 1st & determine what it is that you do not like about the receiver driving the "New" System 12. When you can clearly articulate that then you will know exactly what kind of new amp you will want. Otherwise, there is such a vast sea of audio equipment out there that making a sane choice will make your head spin many times over! Opinions from audiophiles might be of little help as each one will be making a recommendation based on his/her experience which might not match your own. It's better to figure out for yourself what sonic attributes you want in your next amp. FWIW. IMHO. YMMV.
Edavis,I too listen to much symphonic music, Mahler being a particular favoite. My HPD 315's (12" Dual Concentric), in their nearly 2" thick, 150 liter, 200lb. custom cabinets, reproduce low bass (tympani thwacks, bass drum), very well, to the point of startling me on a fairly regular basis. I started my Tannoy project a couple of years ago to prove to myself just how good 12" Duals could be, if the cabinets and crossovers are optimized. This has succeded beyond my expectations, I am set for life, as regards speakers. Besides the two tube amps, I now use a recently purchased Plinius SA 100 MKIII (100Wpc), and it is a wonderful match for the Tannoys, especially in pure class A. I have found it is the current delivery capacity that is important, more so than the available wattage.

I think a Plinius would mate well with your speakers. I got mine here on A'gon for $1200. I daresay you would be pleased with the combination.

Best regards,
So, Dan, this would be you....

If you are referring to Frank Wyatt's website, (the link didn't work) yes, the enclosures built for Dan for 12" Tannoys, that would them, or me. I love these speakers unreservedly. They replaced a very good pair of Dynaudio Contour 5.4's, that I thought I would live with 'till the bitter end, but after owning (from 1970-1988) 12" Monitor Golds in homemade plywood cabinets, which were underdamped, and not having the quality of ancillary equipment that I have now, I felt I had unfinished business with Tannoy. So, I sold the Dyns, bought some drivers on Ebay UK, got the cabs built, lucked into a perfect crossover design made for me by an electrical engineer (also a Tannoy enthusiast).

I built the crossovers using Mundorf S-I-O caps, Dueland resistors, and Alpha Core 12 guage inductors, DH Labs silver hook-up wire to connect it all together.

These speakers continue to astound me, as the spiders on the new cones loosen up (I had new cones converted to the "hard edge" surrounds by Roger of Lockwood Audio in the UK). So the bass extension just keeps getting better. Some friends measured the in-room response, which was surprisingly flat from 20-20KHz.

So, I love 'em, and here they will stay as long as I do.

By the way, how did you know about Frank Wyatt's site? Have you had dealings with Frank? He did a fine job for me, and was great to deal with, a really nice guy.

Hope to hear back from you,