"Neutral" speaker cable, around 200 used

Is there a "neutral" or "good-all-around" speaker cable to be my first reference? Every time I start to settle on one cable then I see it get trashed by experienced listeners. Eventually I will get around to swapping cables to see what fits my system. Right now I want to buy a set that will be decent for a while and allow my to tweak other factors without worrying that maybe I'm adjusting for poor cables.

I'm thinking Harmonic, Kimber or ???
XLO Type 5A is my recommendation. It takes considerably more money to surpass these sonics
I've found the Staightwire Maestro and Wireworld Polaris serie's to be the closest to nuetral sounding. PLUS, they can be had for much less than your budget at one meter. I have over ten companies/inter-connects I've tried in the $100-$300 range. The Discovery's were nice also, but they didn't match well with my set-up.
I've finally settled on the QED Silver Anniversary speaker cable. "Inexpensive" at around $300 U.S., but a great cable, top to bottom. Very natural sounding in my system.
Available thru Brooklyn Audio, here on Audiogon.
Polk 25, Paradigm Atom, NAD SuperOne are all decent $200 used choices. None of these have the classy natural midrange of the baby Spendors or new Quad 11L, though....
Imin2 my cables were Straightwire maestro the XLO TYPE 5A was a huge improvement like a component was upgraded,it was the biggest change a wire has ever made in my system sound quality.
Oops!...didn't see the word "cables"!