"Neck and Neck" Mark Knopfler/Chat Atkins

What a great "natural sounding" (lp)!!! I hope all of you have a chance to hear this one, or better yet, own it, and listen again. It is AWESOME!!!
Yes, Sir....this has been one of my favorite albums for years. Highly recommended.
Agree! The tone is like buta.
"....like a big stick of buta...." ;)
If you like Chet,you need to check out Steve Wariner's "My Tribute To Chet Atkins".This is some wonderfully recorded music from a stellar guitar picker.
Yep, picked up Neck and Neck at a pawnshop - what could I lose? Turned out to be one of my all time favorites. I think I'll play it now.
agree, agree. If you like this, you need to check out "Chester and Lester" and "Guitar Monsters" - both are Chet Atkins and Les Paul recorded in the '70's - the same comedy/banter with great guitar playing and production.
I have it on CD (wish I had it on vinyl) and it is certainly one of my favorites. I love the interaction between Chet and Mark and their respective guitar styles. I also really love all of Chet's and Mark's stuff as well.
I too have this album and fully agree, it's off the hook!
Is Chat Chet's talkative brother?
Is this available on vinyl?
Can anyone comment on the Chet & Lenny Breau album? I've been meaning to pick that one up for many years.
I saw a Chet Atkins special on public TV recently that had a great guest list:
Willie and Waylon
The Everly Brothers
Mark Knopler
Micael McDonald
Emylou Harris

Besides the great music and vibe, the respect from these stars was sincere and obvious. Chet is one of those rare musicians musician.
Can anyone comment on the Chet & Lenny Breau album? I've been meaning to pick that one up for many years.
judging from the amazon.com reviews it's comparable to the other Chet and ** releases; however also judging from amazon.com, you may need to get a second mortgage to buy a copy . . .


I've never heard it but would like to get one. Alas, I'll have to wait until the re-release it at reasonable prices.
"Is this available on vinyl?"

Chazro, I need to remember that when I post concerning music, that I need to specify that it is vinyl. As an aside, when I bought this (lp) years ago from Acoustic Sounds, I paid $10.00,(sealed). I noticed a couple of years agop they want $100.00 for it used!!!
Wow,I had not thought about this CD in a long time. I had forgoten how good it was. Thanks for bringing it up. I enjoyed listening to Mark and Chet again.
I've never heard a master tape, but I can imagine now that this might be close to what one would sound like. Natural, nothing forced but a dynamic flow. An overall ease of presentation!
Just saw a copy from MUSIC ON VINYL label at Aux 33 in Montreal. I passed because it was over $30, and I never heard any of the Music on Vinyl stuff. Has anyone heard this?
There's good reason; Chet was responsible for recording many great artists and was very fussy about sound.
A fun pickin lickin session with two masters, a MUST own.
Fjn04: I have several MOV lps, they all sound very good.
Thanks Slaw- I believe the MOV press is due out soon in US. Strangely, the canada record store had it. Wonder if that would have been considered contraband. (-:
Althogh a quick look failed to find it online, there is a video for There'll Be Some Changes Made. Looks like they are recording it live in a living room.
Really love Chet, "Read My Licks" is a favorite.
Neck and Neck is one of the best things Mark Knofler has done, along with his Notting Hillbillies album. Recommend you check that one out too.