"Moon" Movie and Soundtrack

I can't recommend this movie highly enough. I watched it on Blu Ray last night and will be purchasing the soundtrack on CD. This movie was just classic story telling. I would rank this movie right up there with "Up" "Inglorious Bastards" "Hurt Locker" as best films of the year.
GREAT..thanks! I have it sitting on my table from Netflix. I'm a big fan of Sam Rockwell and think he's a highly under-used actor. As soon as I saw the preview to this film I shot it to the top of our queue! Good to hear it's got great music as well.
Thanks for the heads up. This movie completely missed my radar.
Watched it last night - enjoyed both film and soundtrack. Highly recommended. Lush, did they have any special features regarding the music/soundtrack on the Blu Ray (the DVD had no music features)? It's the same guy (Clint Mansell, of Pop Will Eat Itself) who did the amazing soundtrack with Kronos Quartet (who does a small bit on this one) for Requiem for a Dream.
Hey Jax,

Nah, didn't see anything about the soundtrack on the Blu Ray. I glanced over the special features however, I didn't have time to watch them as I ended up seeing the movie again this afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a collectors edition in the works down the road.