"Mojo" Myles Mancuso

Best 17 year old guitarist I have heard in 30 years. He plays a combo of r&b, funk, and blues. I saw him last at a arts and crafts show in New Palz, NY. He plays alot in the Hudson Valley and has a few gigs in the West Village, NYC. If you get the chance watch him play. Plays killer versions of a few Hendrix songs. He is on YT.
Thanks for the heads up. He reminds me of a young Joe Bonamassa.

Hey, everyone......if anyone of you are going to the New Paltz Arts Festival in New York, Myles is playing at 3pm on Sunday, May 24th. He has some new stuff on YT. Decidedly, one of the best guitarist I have heard, and I have heard them all. And if you have not be to this Arts Festival.....New Paltz has some interesting eating joints, sort of Woodstock-ish, if you been to Woodstock, the town, not THE event.
Cool, I'll be back in the Hudson Valley around then, but not sure I'll make it to that show. I will look for him though. Do you ever go to the Turning Point in Piermont? David Lindley will be playing there in early June- if you haven't heard him, he is well worth the price of admission.
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