"mini" monitors for Primaluna prologue two

Now that I've decided, and anxiously waiting for arrival, on the Primaluna Prologue two, the search for speakers is underway. I'm putting together a system piece by piece. Amp, speakers, tt, cdp. In that order. I'm looking at stand mount monitors. Something along the lines of Proac 110's, Totem model 1 signatures, etc.

Any suggestions for this amp?
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I have used the following monitors with the Prologue Two:

Rega Ara (now Rega R1) - $550
NHT SB2 (now NHT Classic 2 and Classic 3) - $600/$800
Omega Super 3 - $800

All were different sounding to a degree ... the Omega is a single driver monitor and presented music in a very realistic, in your face manner ... the NHT had a very detailed upper end and were almost 3D sounding ... the Rega were surprisingly full sounding for mini monitors and had a good amount of bass.

Depending on your room size and listening habits, speaker efficiency will come into play. With that said, there are many speakers that will work well with the PL2.

BTW, the Music Hall CD 25.2 and Rega Apollo are excellent CD players to match with the PL2.

Regards, Rich
I also recommend the music hall cd 25.5 with the Prima luna. This CDP sounds much better with this amp than my SS Mac where as my Rega P9 TT sounds better with the Mac.....go figure.
Proposed System:
Primaluna Prologue two amp +
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CDP
Rega P5 turntable with Rega cartridge
Dynaudio Audience 52SE stand mount speakers

I heard this amp/turntable/speaker combination and really, really liked it. I throw the CDP suggestion in because I think it would compliment the amp and speakers as well.

I also like Totem speakers but have not heard them with this amp - I might suggest the Arros or Forest floor standers, depending on your budget and the size of your room.

Music Hall CDP is nice for the money, but I think the Apollo or 840C would be stronger choices to go with your new amp and the speakers mentioned above in the thread.
You don't happen to remember what phono stage was used do you? The P5 is high on my list of tt's.
Not sure about the "mini" aspect of your request but , I am using Reference 3a De Cappo i's with my PP2 . These have a fairly flat impedance curve , >90db. efficiency with only a capacitor for a crossover network . In a small room , I have no need for a sub . Quite resolving and good at low level listening . A very nice combination .

Roll in some Mullard 12ax7's for more base and a little more warmth without loosing the lovely top end .
I suggest looking for a used pair of ProAc 1sc's. They will 'sing' with tubes, as mine do. I run them from VAS mono blocks. I also have run them from the Cayin 88. In addition to the 1sc's, I have ProAc 140's, a floor stander. Both of the amps sound sweet. Much of the design of the VAS and Cayin products is the same as the Prima's.
The Gallo Nucleus 2s have worked extremely well with the PL2.
Don't overlook the Silverline Minuets. They have gotten great reviews and I heard a stacked (horizontally) pair at Silverline and was greatly impressed. If I was in the market these would be my 1st choice. $600 retail. Not a lot of money spent on the cabinet, but the sound is great.
Proac 1sc's are on the list as well. I keep reading the Dynaudio's are hard to drive. Any real world truth to that? I like what I've read about the focus 140's.
The Dynaudios are 4ohm speakers. As said above, efficiency is relevant here. Those ProAc's and Reference Da Capo's sound like very good candidates to me, as does the Omega.
Let me add that I won't be playing this at concert level DB's. We live in an apartment. The room is about 13 x 15

Nope. Since I didn't notice an outboard phono stage, I assumed that it was the built in unit (The PrimaLuna PhonoLogue MM Phonostage). Sorry I can't be more helpful.
When I listened to the Dynaudios with the Prologue, it was in a medium small listening room as I recall, about 15x20x8. At normal listening levels to volumes high enough to chase the sales person out of the room the sound remained coherent.

The Focus 140 has the same sensitivity as the Audience 52/52SE so it should perform similarly, but with perhaps a bit more resolution. I have listened to these through an ARC tube amp, and they sounded and looked beautiful. My guess is that the P2 power supply is big enough to drive the 140s at moderate volumes in a medium sized room at 4 ohms without breaking a sweat, although I haven't heard this particular combination.
Thanks Kn. You're prposed system above is real close to what I was expecting. The P5 is definately on the list. There is a local dealer that handles the Dynaudio and Totems. Another dealer carries the Proac's. On paper, the Dynaudio's are more appealing..... but, we know how that goes.....
They are not monitors, but the Totem Arro's sound excellent paired with the PLII and they will probably still take up less floor space than stands for the monitors as well....