"Messiah" recommendations?

Merry Christmas everyone. I heard a wonderful performance of Handel's Messiah this weekend and realized I don't own the work. Any recommendations for great performance/recording? Thanks...
I do have a copy of the recording, actually my wife had a copy when we got married, but I have not listened to it more than once so I don't know if it's any good.

I'd suggest doing an Amazon search for hybrid and Messiah and make a selection. I've been very happy with the hybrid SACDs that I have purchased.
Butt conducting, Dunedin players (but it is a slightly different version) - on Linn

Mcreesh conducting - Gabriel Consort Players - available on Archive

Christophers - The Sixteen - Coro

Pinnock - English Consort - available on Archive

All nice versions. There are many others. The Linn is sonically what an audiophile might prefer.
The Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy, with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the Columbia Masterworks label. Double album set of the complete George Frederick Handel's "Messiah". Vocals and orchestration rich and full, recording quality while not quite audiophile quality, still nonetheless good.
I would second checking out Arkivmusic.com. I'm sure they have good suggestions.