"Magic" of Z Stabilizer ll??

I would like to understand how the MIT Z Stabilizer & Z Stabilizer ll function. Just connected mine to system & really enjoy the improvement overall.
Any ideas on why an upgraded power cord benefits this device? I thought this unit simply acted as a noise trap, so I don't inderstand why a better AC cords make a difference.
I have no idea why it works, but it certainly does in my system; I run my amps through it (200w ARC tubes). I have tried a number of upgrades over the years and have always found that the Z Stabilizer sounds better. MIT still makes a version III although they don't promote it.
Arahl. Have you tried an upgraded power cord on your Z Stablilizer ll or are you using the Z Cord ll?
I used a Z-Cord II on it for years and have upgraded a couple of times since. Its now a Nordost Valhalla.
I moved to Shotgun AC1,which was a distinct improvement over the Z Cord ll, and then went to the non-networked Oracle AC3-wow, a very peasant surprise-probably similar to what your Valhalla provides. FWIW I use my Z Stab lls in parallel, nothing plugged into them. Have you tried that?
Just moved up to Oracle AC3 power cord on the Z Stabilizer used for my amp.
The improvement is incredible!
I would sure like to know the technical reasons why!