"Looking Into You" A Tribute To Jackson Browne

“Looking Into You” is the new 2-disc CD set that is a tribute to Jackson Browne. Jackson Browne is my favorite of the singer/songwriter genre and he is one of favorite male vocalists of all time. Am I biased…well, yes I am.

This is a FANTASTIC album. Don Henley with Blind Pilot open this set up with a very good version of “These Days”. The Indigo Girls do a lovely rendition of “Fountain of Sorrow”. Ben Harper’s version of “Jamaica Say You Will” is also well done.

One of favorite tunes is Eliza Gilkyson’s version of “Before the Deluge”. Venice (I’ve never heard them before) does a wonderful rendition of “For a Dancer”.

Keb’ Mo’ does a funky, bluesy version of “Rock Me on the Water”. “The Pretender” by Lucinda Williams has her trademark country-alt twang to it. “Rosie” sung by Lyle Lovett is pretty damn good too.

We get Karla Bonoff, whom I haven’t heard for a long time, but really love her voice is on here, as is Marc Cohn, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, Shawn Colvin and Bruce Hornsby. Plus many others.

The set finishes up with a Joan Osborne’s interpretation of “Late for the Sky”, (my favorite Jackson Browne song) and J.D. Souther doing “My Opening Farewell”.

Are there any clunkers? Well, Bob Schneider, (whoever that is) does a horrible version of “Running on Empty”. It’s just too damn slow. I also didn’t really like “Barricades of Heaven” by Griffin House, (again, whoever they are). Overall, this 23 song collection is very well done.

The recording is very clean and dynamic. On my system, it throws a huge, wide, deep soundstage with outstanding presence and ambiance. I sure hope that they release this on vinyl…PLEASE!

I know these songs by heart and feel this album does more than justice to Jackson and his music. He should be really proud of this collection.

It’s kinda cool to hear these songs sung by others in such an accomplished style.

Highly Recommended!!!
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Thanks for the post. I like a lot of these artists and certainly enjoy Jackson Browne.
This is also available on HDtracks. And I like Bob Schneider's version! It makes Running on Empty more wistful than upbeat.
Ordered this yesterday.
Thanks Mofimadness! I just ordered it....though I have to say that I would have liked to see someone take a crack at The Load Out and Stay.

jb really did write a lot of excellent songs, as this tribute shows, and he was the hub of the whole asylum records/la singer-songwriter thing. for me, though, he went into a slow, steady artistic decline after his first three records--the best songs on "running on empty" are covers and i never really liked "the pretender," though "lawyers in love is kinda underated. anyway, a nice listen; thanks for the rec.
Thanks Mofi, its on order. On your recommendation I bought Rita Wilson's AM/FM a while back which is a terrific album as well.

Anyone have Duets with Linda Ronstadt on order yet ?

Good Listening


"Duets" was supposed to here today, but Amazon screwed up the pre order. Should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know how it is.
Thx for the heads-up, Mofi. Jackson Browne is a favorite of many of us "of a certain age" aka old farts. I'll head right over to Amazon and order it. BTW, a great tribute album is the 2 disk set "This One's For Him" tribute to Guy Clark. Great songs given very good treatments...There are no real clunkers. One or two not great, but many are fantastic.
You should check out the group "Venice". They are 4 guys. 2 sets of brothers that are cousins. 2 of the brothers are the brothers of the Lennon Sisters. Sorry to get off the subject, but I've seen these guys live and they are so worth hearing. Incredible harmonies. I was pleasantly surprised to see them on this tribute album to Jackson. Also, loved this album!!
Bwos...thanks for the info on the group Venice. I've never heard of them before.

"For a Dancer", on this tribute album, is one of favorite. They do a wonderful job. I'll have to see what I can find from them.
Just ordered it. I love tribute albums and have been listening to JB since Saturate Before Using came out. Thanks for the tip.